Souvenirs You Should Bring Home From Your Study Abroad Program!

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Souvenirs You Should Bring Home From Your Study Abroad Program!

This bittersweet experience of returning from a once-in-a-lifetime study abroad will stick with you for a very long time. Every place has some unique memories to offer, regardless of the nation, you choose to study in. But having some souvenirs and trinkets that bring back fond memories of your trip can be a fun way to both soothe yourself and start a conversation with loved ones who missed you while you were away. 


Through this blog, we’ll give some ideas about the souvenirs you should bring home from your study abroad program. Let’s get started.


Souvenirs You Should Bring Home from Your Study Abroad Program - Post Cards

One of the most treasured, convenient, affordable, and adorable souvenirs one may bring home from a study abroad programme is a postcard. This is a fantastic way to document and recall the locations you visited and also where you loved to hang out with your buddies. You can also add a note to each postcard, or ask your university friends to sign it or write wishes. When you return home, you’ll be glad you kept such a lovely and special travel journal.

Sew-on Patches

Souvenirs You Should Bring Home from Your Study Abroad Program - Sew on Patches

You may have observed that many hikers or your peers frequently adorn their bags in a plethora of patches. Typically, people purchase these tiny patches anytime they travel to a new location and want to bring a souvenir with them. This is a wonderful method to remember the enjoyable times you had with your friends. You can also purchase them and flaunt them on bags, jeans, or possibly jackets. The number of individuals that ask about the locations along the journey will surprise you. Additionally, it helps identify your bag simply and completely unique to you!

Tickets and Passes

Souvenirs You Should Bring Home from Your Study Abroad Program - Tickets/Passes

Well! There is no doubt that visiting new destinations and visiting popular tourist attractions will be on your “to-do” list. What better way to remember those places than by saving your tickets? So always remember to retain and gather all the tickets you’ll need on your commutes when travelling across cities or countries on the weekends. Not only will it assist you in keeping track of the nations you’ve visited, but when you gather all of your tickets together, you’ll have one heck of a collection!

Cultural or Artistic Element

The opportunity to interact with ideas worth promoting is one of the advantages of studying abroad. Consider purchasing mementoes that have a distinctive cultural or artistic significance. Any object or present that reflects the nation’s culture, art, or philosophy. For instance, a book, poster, artwork, piece of pottery, or piece of dinnerware will do. Or perhaps a cookbook is a smart idea. Share the historical and cultural significance of the souvenirs you select with your loved ones after learning about them. The present will be even more meaningful given the added context.

Traditional Clothing and Accessories

Holidays and festivals are the perfect opportunities to mingle with people, join a new cultural group, and pick up new skills. The greatest approach to taking part in any festival is to show up dressed in your native or traditional attire. It will help you preserve the apparel that will remind you of the moment you had a good time while also enabling you to feel more of a part of the community. Pictures of that occasion will always make you nostalgic when you return to your native country.

Additionally, not only clothing, but accessories are also a good option to consider as they are the most affordable or convenient gifts. So pick up lightweight items like scarves, coin purses, bracelets, or sling bags the next time you’re at a local arts festival or market.

Although there is no end to the list, we hope that this blog gives you a good number of ideas on what to gather and buy to bring home as a souvenir from your study abroad adventure.

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