Study Abroad: Top 5 Reasons for a Canada Visitor Visa Refusal

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Study Abroad: Top 5 Reasons for a Canada Visitor Visa Refusal

Several individuals apply for Canada visitor visas every year. For a visitor visa, the candidates are not required to demonstrate language proficiency in English or French plus the processing fee is only $100. Check the reasons for the refusal of the Canada visitor visa application:

Inaccurate or Incomplete Application Form

An incomplete application form is one of the most important causes of visa refusal. If the candidates submit missing information, it can result in delay or refusal. In order to avoid this the candidates must read the application’s instructions and fill the form thoroughly and correctly. 

Study Abroad: Top 5 Reasons for a Canada Visitor Visa Refusal

Insufficient Documentation

Another common reason for refusal of a visa is incomplete documentation. In addition to this, the candidates must also submit proof that they intend to return to their home country such as property ownership records, family links, and job letters. Some important documents are:

  • Letter of Invitation 
  • Proof of Relationship
  • Family Information
  • Itinerary
  • Statement of Account
  • Travel history

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Inadequate Financial Funds

Applicants must present bank statements, income tax returns, or sponsorship letters to demonstrate their financial stability. Failing to submit these immigration officials will question the ability of the candidates to sustain themselves during their visit resulting in a visa refusal.

Fraudulent Documentation

If the candidates provide false information or invalid documentation then it will be considered as a serious offence and it may result in the refusal and restricted entry to Canada.

In order to prevent denied entry the candidates must provide correct and reliable information.

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Criminal Records

Candidates having a criminal record or any previous criminal convictions are inadmissible in Canada and are denied a visitor visa. Therefore, before making any decision immigration officers undergo background checks and consider the seriousness of the offense, rehabilitation efforts, and the risk to Canadian society.

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