Study Abroad: Taiwan Scholarships Help Tamil Nadu Government School Girls Pursue UG Courses

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Taiwan offers several scholarships to international students. That is, these scholarships are available to Indians as well. Taiwan scholarships have assisted two Tamil Nadu Government school girls to study abroad. One of the students is a daughter of a daily wage laborer who is going to study UG degree. They are the beneficiaries of a fully funded scholarship provided by the East Asian country. 

Jayashee Perumal of Pannandur village in Krishnagiri will study mechanical engineering. On the other hand, Avalsindu G Jeyalakshmi of Chennai aims to pursue a course in International business. The Taiwan Scholarships would cover the tuition fees and would provide an allowance for monthly expenses.  

The girls got to know about the scholarship through the Nan Mudhalvan Scheme of the Tamil Nadu Government. The Mudhalvan Scheme is an industry-relevant skills enhancement scheme for the benefit of the youth.

Awareness of the Nan Mudhalvan Scheme 

Study Abroad: Taiwan Scholarships Help Tamil Nadu Government School Girls Pursue UG Courses

According to Jayashee, she learned about the scholarships offered by several countries through the Nan Mudhalvan Scheme.  Moreover, the Centre for Excellence trained her to go through the interview process and write a statement of purpose to avail the scholarship.

Jayshee stated that her dream is to contribute to the development of agricultural technology after she graduates from the university. The Nan Mudhalvan Scheme is for skill enhancement for the youth of Tamil Nadu. 

120 Scholarship Beneficiaries 

According to the sources, 120 students have received the scholarship to pursue UG, PG, PhD, and other programs.  However, only 3 students are UG students. So far, a total of 20 students from government schools have applied for the scholarship.

The plan is to raise awareness among the students regarding the scholarship offered by various countries. Therefore, encouragement is given to students to apply for scholarships in countries like Hungary, Japan, Canada, and South Korea.  

A trainer who has assisted students in the process states that the Taiwanese officials test the student’s knowledge of the country and their cultural adaptability. The reason is that students are moving to the country at a young age. Several countries offer scholarships so that their firms in India can hire candidates who are familiar with both countries.

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