Study Abroad in Japan: Part-time options available for overseas students. Preferably Customer Service Positions

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Survey conducted in January 2023, approximately 66.9% students either had one or two or more jobs. Part-time job options available for students.

Are you an overseas student coming to Japan? As per the mandated law in Japan, you are allowed to work for 28 hours per week for regular school days whereas 40 hours per week for long school holidays such as summer or spring break. 


Japan also has some restrictions for overseas students on what type of job a student can get. Multiple options are available for part time opportunities for students who barely speak Japanese. You just need to know about what type of job you are interested in and qualified for. 

Approximately, 89.5% overseas students mentioned they wanted to have some kind of part time job. As per the last survey conducted in the year 2019 there was a rise in preference for job opportunities by overseas students. Earlier only 2.1% respondents did not wish to take on such positions. 

Part-time options available for overseas students. Preferably Customer Service Positions

Around 699 overseas students were asked why they had started working? The most common reasons for working were to cover living expenses (51.6%); interested in working in Japan (45.6%); and wanting to study Japanese (39.8%). 

Customer service positions were popular. Hotel or accommodation worker was the most sought after job at 19.0%. Furthermore, 17.7% wanted to become a convenience store worker whereas 17.9% wanted to become a restaurant server. 

Tools to Apply for Part-time Jobs in Japan

One of the convenient things to apply for jobs in Japan is you just need to apply via web or mobile app and can expect a call within 2 days. Also, you can directly call the shop to apply for a job. It’s actually that easy. Two of the famous apps are “Baitoru” and “Town Work” to search for part time jobs. Additionally, if you are looking for a permanent job, you can try “Jooble Job Board” for available job options. 

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