Study Abroad: LMC Announces Fall 2024 London Study Abroad Program!

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Calling all adventurous learners! Los Medanos College is excited to announce a fantastic opportunity to study abroad in London this fall. Partnering with the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), this program offers a unique blend of academic courses and cultural immersion, all in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.


Courses Steeped in British Culture

Led by Professor LD Green, the program features a curriculum designed to bring British culture to life. You’ll have the chance to delve into fascinating subjects like history, journalism, and of course, British literature. Professor Green will be teaching two English courses focusing on renowned British authors. One course explores the worlds of Myth, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and children’s literature, while the other delves into the timeless themes of Shakespeare and their retellings.

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Beyond the Classroom

The learning doesn’t stop in the classroom! The AIFS campus provides a dynamic environment with over 370 clubs and sports activities, a gym, and a pool. You’ll also find shops, pubs, and cafes on campus, perfect for socialising with fellow students.

Study Abroad: LMC Announces Fall 2024 London Study Abroad Program!

Exploring London and Beyond

The program includes several exciting trips throughout England and the UK, giving you a chance to experience different regions. But the adventure doesn’t stop there! During a week-long break, you can explore beyond London and travel to other parts of Europe, with affordable flight and train options available.

Making it Affordable

The program cost is $8,145, with a required deposit of $450. But don’t let the price tag discourage you! The program offers financial aid resources and scholarships to help make this dream a reality. Professor Green and Harue Takanashi can assist you with the application process. 

One scholarship opportunity is the Gilman International Scholarship, which offers $5,000 to successful applicants. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is March 7th, so don’t miss out!

Study Abroad: LMC Announces Fall 2024 London Study Abroad Program!

Your Well-being Matters

The program goes beyond academics to provide comprehensive support for students. The staff is there to address all your needs, from health insurance consultations to mental health counseling. Additionally, a pre-departure orientation will be held in the summer to prepare you for your journey.

Experience of a Lifetime

Upon arrival in London, you’ll be met by experienced AIFS staff who will provide another orientation covering everything you need to know, including workshops on mental health and travel safety. You’ll also get a half-day sightseeing tour of London led by a private coach and professional guide.

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Professor Green believes that “traveling is a mind-expanding experience that enriches the spirit.” This program is your chance to broaden your horizons, immerse yourself in a new culture, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Want more such updates? Make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates.

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