Study Abroad: List of Easiest Countries to Get a Work Visa

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Study Abroad: List of Easiest Countries to Get a Work Visa

Candidates who wish to relocate and start working must apply for a work visa. A work visa allows candidates to live and work in a country. In addition to this, there are different types of work visas that they can apply for depending on the situation. 


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Study Abroad: List of Easiest Countries to Get a Work Visa

List of Countries to Get a Work Visa Easily

  • Estonia – This country is known to accept a high rate of applications. 
  • Lithuania – In order to work in Lithuania the candidates must first obtain a job offer from any employer in the country.
  • Iceland – Candidates must secure a contract before applying for a visa. There are different work permits that they can apply for:
    • Temporary Work Permit For a Job that Requires Expert Knowledge
    • Temporary Work Permits Due to Labour Shortages
    • Temporary Work Permits For Athletes
    • Temporary permit based on family reunion
    • Temporary work permits for students
    • Temporary Work Permit for Specialized Employees Based on a Service Contract
    • Temporary Work Permits Granted for Special Reasons
  • Latvia – The candidates are required to apply for a residence permit to stay more than 90 days. The different types of Latvia work permit are A Type, C and E Type, D Type, seasonal work visa
  • Slovakia – In order to work in Slovakia candidates must obtain a single permit to work and reside, a work permit, or a temporary residence
  • Luxembourg – This country has the highest minimum wage and the lowest unemployment rate
  • Czechia – This is an attractive location for job seekers as well as for international businesses because of its location and growing economy
  • Germany – They can apply for a long-stay visa in Germany and work if they already have a job offer, self-employment, freelancing, working holiday visa

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