Study Abroad: THE Announces the 2024 Ranking Calendar. Starting With World’s Most Int’l Unis in Jan’24

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Study Abroad: THE Announces the 2024 Ranking Calendar. Starting With World’s Most Int’l Unis in Jan’24

Times Higher Education ranking is critical in deciding which university to study abroad. The best part of the rankings is that they not only have various factors for each ranking but also different ranking types. 

Each ranking in the THE list has a certain methodology to calculate positions. The authority keeps revising this methodology to stay up to date with the latest trends and editions. As a result, there are not just one but 15 different rankings released by THE throughout the year. 

Thousands of universities from around the world participate in these rankings sending their research, enrolments and remarks. They are either ranked or mentioned in the Times Higher Education list based on their performance.

This year has been a little special as well as we noticed shifts in methodology. Also, some new universities climbed towards the top 10 list. As for the schedule of 2024, it starts with the World’s Most International Universities in 2024. 

THE Rankings Schedule 2024

You won’t have to wait long for the first ranking to be released on the 24th of January 2024. The details along with the rest of the list are mentioned hereunder, 

Rankings Release Date
World’s most international universities24 January 2024
World Reputation Rankings 202313 February 2024
Women-led universities6 March 2024
China Subject Ratings27 March 2024
Young University Rankings24 April 2024
Asia University Rankings1 May 2024
Impact Rankings 12 June 2024
World University Rankings9 October 2024
World University Rankings by Subject29 October 2024
Arab University Rankings To be confirmed
Interdisciplinary Science Rankings To be confirmed
Latin America University Rankings To be confirmed
Online Learning Rankings To be confirmed
Sub-Saharan Africa University Rankings To be confirmed
World Reputation Rankings 2024To be confirmed

After the 24th, the next is the World Reputation Rankings 2023 which will be released at the MENA Reputation Forum on the 13th of February 2024. The 2024 Reputation Rankings will be released later in the year 2024. 

Then, two days ahead of the International Women’s Day, THE will release a list of top 200 universities led by female vice-chancellors. That is on the 6th of March 2023. March also has China Subject Rankings 2024 on the 27th. 

Then 24th April, THE will release the list of universities that are not older than 50 years with its Young University Rankings 2024. The rest also follows as per the table. For the rankings at the end of the table, dates have not been confirmed yet. 

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