Study Abroad: Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Choose an Expert to Help You With Student Accommodation Abroad

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Study Abroad: Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Choose an Expert to Help You With Student Accommodation Abroad
Rapid changes, developments and policies are coming into action to solve the recent student accommodation problem. Still, the students need to protect themselves beforehand by securing themselves with the right consultants. 

It is no news now that students are facing problems in getting accommodation abroad due to a lack of PBSAs and other types of properties on-campus and off-campus. Due to the massive inflow of students in cities like London, student accommodation in the UK is especially a burning issue. 


The universities are levelling up their accommodation game and arranging many student accommodations off-campus. The government itself is making new policies and urging the local people to provide homestays to deal with the issue. 

But how many of these sudden options are safe for the students? And how are they going to figure those out? There are many such questions that students might ask themselves before planning to move abroad now. Nonetheless, where there is a will, there is a way. Students can take help from trusted and reputed student accommodation consultants to settle abroad. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose an Expert to Help You With Student Accommodation Abroad

Study Abroad: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose an Expert to Help You With Student Accommodation Abroad

Temporary Residences

  1. Durham University put nearly 100 students or more into temporary residence. The university informed the students at the last minute that the university accommodations were not ready in time, and arranged for them to stay in temporary accommodations.

Now in case a student books University accommodations through an expert, they constantly maintain contact and update the student on the latest developments. Where it is tedious to contact the university the consultants are more approachable. 

Homestay Options

  1. Australian Government is arranging homestays for the students by urging its citizens to provide shelter to international students. Though this step is generous, there is less security to ensure in such a peak time.

If you book through consultants, the consultants pre-approve and test the properties you select for the facilities they provide. They also help you book at the right time so that you have options to choose from. 

Rent Hikes

  1. There is an 8% hike in rent for PBSAs in Canada and Australia. As more students are moving abroad to pursue quality education, the demand for PBSAs is rising exponentially. Due to this, the countries are not able to meet these demands immediately and private property owners are shooting their apartment rents. 

Study abroad and accommodation experts highlight the right time to book accommodation in the process of studying abroad making it cheaper for the students to book accommodations. 

Need for Guarantors

  1. The landlords ask students without guarantors for accommodation rent of 6-12 months in advance. Although, many professors stepped up to be the guarantors for such students that is a serious situation for those students who have no mediators between the property providers and themselves.

Students can save themselves from this hassle by getting an expert student accommodation provider to mediate and safeguard their rights. Moreover, the right consultants will protect students from exploitation.

Shortage of Accommodation Options

  1. Even newer study-abroad destinations like New Zealand are facing student housing shortages. An Agent or university might only publicise and promote their services. On top of that, they sell the study abroad experience to the students without telling them the actual facts and scenarios. 

A right study abroad consultant will tell the student all that is best for them. Moreover, they will discuss and shape the student’s dream to match the right fit in terms of their budget and requirement. They nudge their students from time to time to keep them updated with the best time to apply for university, visa or student accommodation. 

How To Get Accessible Student Accommodation Abroad?

Studying abroad is not a gamble or expensive experience if planning and execution are right. Students face problems in getting accommodations as they procrastinate to book in advance. Also, due to the increase in immigration numbers, the bookings are pushing forward a year. 

It is always advisable to take help from industry experts. Choose the ones who have been in the field of research for a long. They are liable for any changes and discrepancies and help you through them. 

Hence, accommodation experts like Fly Holmes by Leverage Edu will take care of the student’s stay at their favourite destinations. By this, the student remains hassle-free.  If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates.

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