Study abroad in the USA: How Vanderbilt University Celebrated the International Student Month

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Vanderbilt University created a theme called ‘A Trip Around the World’ to celebrate this year’s international student month. The event featured cuisines, performances, and more.

The International Student Month of this year, called ‘A Trip Around the World’, is focused on acknowledging and recognising. Additionally, the cultural diversity, history, and significant contributions of the different types of international students on the campus. 


The Student Center for Social Justice & Identity hosted International Student Month for the entire month throughout March. As per the SCSJI website, the primary objective of the ISM programming including the performances, speaker panels, movie screenings, networking, and cuisine is to develop a proper sense of community among international students. 

This will also help them educate the non-international or domestic students regarding the experience of international students. 

Experience through International Student Month 

On 8th March, the MLC showcased their annual lantern show, where they came up with the ‘Traversing Bounderies’ theme. All the students, professors, and staff participated in the event and shared their journeys. As well as struggles in education and their life as international students. 

Simon Gou and Jack Yan, who are first-year students pursuing their higher education in Western Classical Music at Blair, hailed from China. Gou played the piano and showcased his great skills while Yan Sang sang a traditional Chinese song. 

How Vanderbilt University Celebrated the International Student Month

They also shared some of their most popular Chinese cuisines. Not to mention, they also shared their experiences about their college life in the United States. 

Even though they both are satisfied with the facilities and education materials provided by the university. Gou stated that Vanderbilt University should introduce more authentic Chinese foods as one of the most eye-catching parts of cuisine. 

The educational experiences helped many domestic and international students learn new things including the hardships of international students. The event also brought them close together. 

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