Study Abroad: What is US Embassy’s “12 Days of Visas” campaign?

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Study Abroad: What is US Embassy's "12 Days of Visas" campaign?
In order to encourage individuals to apply for the same, the embassy is dispersing intriguing trivia. Day 8 of the campaign, which is focused on processing student visas, is December 20.

The US Embassy in India launched a campaign named  “12 Days of Visas” to educate people about US visas. This campaign started on December 13, the embassy shares intriguing facts to entice people to submit their visa applications. Day 8 of the campaign was focused on processing student visas to study abroad and continuing these videos through Christmas, promotion.

The US Embassy posted a video clip on social media detailing the amount of student visas currently being processed in the nation. The student body and alumni, according to the film, are the backbone of their communities. According to the embassy, Indian students received one in every four student visas given last year worldwide. In the upcoming student season, the USA hopes to 10% boost the processing of student visas.

The program’s third day was entirely devoted to student visas. As per the embassy, there are now 2,00000 more Indian students studying abroad in the United States, making them the second largest group behind Chinese students.

An international student needs an F or M visa in order to study in the USA. A student needs an M visa to attend a recognised non-academic or vocational school, whereas an F visa is necessary to attend any other institution, including high school, college, and private elementary schools.

In the post’s comment section, internet users questioned the availability of F1 visas. Indian nationals inquired as to when they might reapply and the number of F1 rejection slots available.

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