Study Abroad: Indian Students Have a Chance to Embark on Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in the United States

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Great news! Indian students have an excellent opportunity to participate in the prestigious Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) in the United States. 


Programme Details

The Global UGRAD program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by World Learning. This program is designed to provide future leaders from around the world with an opportunity to experience U.S. higher education. The aim is to gain essential professional skills and immerse themselves in American culture.

This unique program has been making a positive impact since its inception in 2008, with over 2,500 students benefiting from it. As a testament to its success, alumni of the Global UGRAD program have gone on to receive Fulbright grants, secure prestigious international internships, and assume important roles in business and government within their home countries and regions.

The students for exchange are chosen from a wide array of countries. Including Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and many others. This diverse mix of participants from across the globe brings with them a rich tapestry of cultures, knowledge, and experiences, making the program an excellent platform for fostering international understanding and collaboration.

Benefits for You

As a student, you will not only have the opportunity to gain knowledge in your chosen field but also engage with the rich tapestry of cultures and values that the United States has to offer. Such cultural exchanges are essentially helpful in promoting cross-cultural understanding and building bridges between nations.

This exchange programme will lead you to the potential for positive change and leadership in your home country. Many students have returned celebrating their achievements and with a wealth of knowledge and experiences gained during their time in the United States. The Global UGRAD program continues to be a shining example of international cooperation and educational exchange, promoting global unity and progress.

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