Study Abroad: Germany Expands Study Work Opportunities for International Students

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Study Abroad Germany Expands Study Work Opportunities for International Students

Germany has yet again introduced newly enacted legislation such as the Skilled Immigration Act. This act aims to increase the number of foreign workers especially the skilled workers in Germany. This is also designed to address the ongoing labour market gaps in the country. 


As per this act, foreign students from outside the European Union can now work up to 20 hours per week. This provision also allows students who enter Germany but not have been admitted to a German University or for those who are engaged in German language training or other preparatory studies for higher education.

These latest measures came into effect on 1st March 2024, including several important new rules for international students.

Study Abroad: Germany Expands Study Work Opportunities for International Students

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In 2023, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) proposed to increase the action between higher education institutions and the government to double the retention rate for foreign graduates in the country.

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These measures also follow the announcement made between DAAD and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in December 2023 outlining:

  • funding of up to €120 million through 2028 to smooth the transition to work for foreign graduates; and
  • the introduction of two new labour force integration programs designed to boost the retention of foreign graduates.

Germany reported a record-high foreign enrolment for 2022/23. International student numbers reached 367,578 that year, up 5% over the year before, and with non-EU enrolments, particularly students from India and China, driving much of that growth.

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