Study Abroad: Changes in PTE exam pattern and more

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With some recent changes to the exam format, PTE has improved.

To ensure the test is operating as efficiently as possible, our PTE Academic research team routinely analyzes and monitors PTE Academic test questions and performance. They are also constantly looking for ways to improve the test.


Based on careful analysis, the team was able to condense the PTE Academic exam into a two-hour examination that nevertheless yields trustworthy and accurate results. PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI will be impacted by these changes.

All of the key components of PTE Academic, including highly accurate, secure, quick results, and wide acceptance and recognition, are present in the two-hour test, but it will be completed in a shorter, more convenient two hours. This indicates that we had to adjust the test timing. The total number of questions you will be given will drop from 70 to 82 to 52 to 64 due to the reduction in the quantity of specific question kinds. In PTE Academic, keep in mind that study abroad aspirants will receive a number of questions that fall within a range rather than a minimum or maximum.

Study Abroad: Changes in PTE exam pattern and more.

To help students finish the test more quickly, the optional 10-minute break has also been eliminated.

The types of questions used in PTE Academic have not changed. Still included will be all 20 question kinds. However, some will occur less frequently.

The excellent news is that study abroad aspirants don’t need to alter their preparation strategy because the types of questions  won’t change.

Study abroad aspirants can watch the question type videos or enroll in the free Introduction to PTE Academic online course to become familiar with each of the 20 question types that will be asked on the test. The easiest approach to study and practice for tests from home is still with our online, scored practice exams; starting on October 27, these exams will also be offered in a two-hour version. Study abroad aspirants can find the further details at the official website of PTE.

Beginning on November 16th, your MyPTE account will be the only place where students can access test feedback and help that is specific to your performance. Study abroad aspirants can use this knowledge to guide their future academic endeavors.

Study Abroad: Changes in PTE exam pattern and more
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The PTE Academic test won’t be any easier or harder, and neither the scoring process nor the precision of our scoring will change. The same things continue to exist. In order to ensure that scoring remained accurate and reliable before the shortened test was administered, the revised test format and the performance of tens of thousands of test-takers were examined.

Check the table below for new changes.

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