Study Abroad: Canadian Minister Assures Appropriate Remedy for Indian Students Facing Deportation

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During question hour at the House of Commons, Fraser said they are working on helping innocent Indian students in Canada facing deportation.

Recently, deportation notices were issued for fake visa holders by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Sean Fraser, Immigration Minister, will provide innocent students with an appropriate remedy. Indian students will have the opportunity to remain in Canada.


Fraser acknowledged the mental health concerns of students due to deportation notices. He says they are finding a process and allowing students to prove they are innocent. He is been supporting innocent students since the start.

Recently, CBSA sent deportation notices to students whose admission letters to educational institutions were fraudulent. The applications were filled from 2018 onwards till 2022. 

Lastly, the applications were placed through Jalandhar-Based education Migration services. The fraud came to light after students applied for Permanent Residence in Canada. 

Vancouver East MP Questions Immigration Services

Kwan, an MP for Vancouver East is standing behind and supporting innocent Indian students in Canada. Moreover, he had moved two motions at the immigration committees just to support international students subjected to the exploitation scheme. 

Kwan questioned why the fraudulent documents were not detected until the students began to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada. She favours a humanitarian ground for students. 

As per Kwan, “The significant harm experienced by students, including financial loss and distress, and measures necessary to help the students to have their deportation stayed, inadmissibility based on misrepresentation waived and provide a pathway to permanent status.”

Furthermore, she asked the immigration committee how to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future

MP from Punjab Shares His Views 

MP Sukh Dhaliwal from Punjab, India, says, the data of 700 Indian students who fear deportation is factually incorrect and highly exaggerated. He also adds the original count could be around 200. 

Dhaliwal says, “We are in regular touch with the CBSA and immigration minister Sean Fraser and asked them to evaluate individually those who were cheated. 

Each one will be allowed to present his/her case… The victim should not be punished but the culprit be brought to justice, he adds. As per him, only one student from Punjab has contacted him, facing the concern. 

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