Study Abroad in Sydney: Singapore’s Centurion Proposing Student Housing Project

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Study Abroad: Singapore Proposing Student Housing Project
Student Accommodation Project in Australia with good Facilities and Infrastructure for International Students.

Due to the extraordinary demand for International Students in Sydney, Australia; Singapore’s Centurion is proposing a 732-unit student accommodation plan for $91.5 Million to serve students with high-quality facilities. Centurion plans are considered to be one of the best plans for students. Furthermore, centurion properties have already proposed a plan in the City of Ryde, New South Wales capital for permission to build a student accommodation project. Application documents were also progressed from 9 January onwards. Additionally, this project owns 19 student housing facilities across the UK, Korea, the US and Australia. 

Study Abroad: Singapore Proposing Student Housing Project

The expected demand and growth of International Students will increase the demand for student accommodation projects. For building up the new project, the plan is to develop student housing with a 15-storey wing on the side of Lachlan Avenue, a 13-storey wing facing Herring Road and also 10-floor wing between the two. Moreover, the proposed student complex is planning to include 732 rooms in a mix of cluster apartments as well as premium and standard studios. 

To know more about the student housing plan read this out:

Student Accommodation Plan for International Students in Australia

Furthermore, in order to serve International students with better infrastructure and facilities, the accommodations will include communal areas, gym facilities, dining areas, a swimming pool, a study room, 24/7 security and a front desk and also a roof terrace. The location of the Macquarie University campus from the site is approximately 500 meters. Additionally, students can walk from the nearby metro stations to access Sydney’s Central Business District. 

Furthermore, students will be provided with a good infrastructure and environment. Moreover, due to immense facilities and there will be scope for growth and exposure for students, and will be able to learn things from the outer world. 

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