List of Scholarships For Biomedical Science in the UK

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Scholarships For Biomedical Science in the UK Benefits

There are a lot of scholarships for biomedical science students who want to pursue their further studies in the UK. A few of the scholarships offered in the UK for Indian students in the biomedical science field are shown below:


Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Scholarship

The goal of the Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club and the Trailfinders Rugby Academy is to identify and nurture the most talented and ambitious players to facilitate their educational path into professional rugby.

This rugby scholarship programme, created in partnership with Brunel University London, enables you to pursue a full-time rugby curriculum in addition to earning a degree that will prepare you academically for the rest of your life and help you pursue a professional rugby career.


Their scholarship plan provides bursaries and helps with tuition and living expenses at the institution. These numbers are fictitious and based on individual preferences.

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UCL Graduate Research Scholarships

The goal of the UCL Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS) is to attract exceptional students to do research at UCL.

Prospective and present UCL research students from any nation are eligible to apply for UCL’s Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS) each year.

The UCL-RES fellowship consists of full tuition (either domestic or international) and an annual maintenance stipend that rises in line with inflation for the duration of the program’s research component. The full-time study rate for 2023–2024 is £20,622. For part-time students, the cost is determined “pro rata.” The rate for 2024–2025 needs to be verified.


  1. For the course of the program’s research component, the scholarship also covers up to £1,200 in additional research expenses annually.
  1. Awards are given for the standard duration of the study program’s research component. Subject to adequate academic progress, this is typically three years for a full-time MPhil, PhD, or EngD programme (or five years for part-time study). Please be aware that CRS/writing up the year(s) is not covered by the money.
  1. The grant will be extended to the fourth year of research for students enrolled in integrated four-year PhD studies.

International Response Scholarship

Students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programmes can apply for the International Response Scholarship.


The successful applicants will receive up to £200 for a single study bedroom in Goldsmiths residence halls, a full waiver of tuition fees for each year of study, and an allowance of £8,825.

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

The Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships, which are intended for people who would not otherwise be able to afford to study in the UK, are funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, & Development Office (FCDO) and allow exceptional and motivated individuals to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable development.


  1. Approved travel from the scholar’s home nation to the UK and back after the award; the CSC will not pay for the tickets of dependents or travel expenses incurred before the award’s confirmation.
  1. Appropriated tuition: The CSC and the UK institution have an agreement covering the entire cost of tuition; scholars are not responsible for paying any portion of this amount.
  1. A monthly living payment, or stipend.
  1. Allowance for warm clothing, if appropriate.
  1. Study travel grant to help pay for study-related domestic or international travel.

Chevening Awards

To offer many full scholarships for study on their one-year Masters programmes, Queen Mary collaborates closely with Chevening, the UK government’s international programme focused at creating global leaders. Except for students from the USA or the EU, the Chevening Awards are open to students of nearly every nationality.


  1. Every Chevening award pays for all foreign tuition costs in addition to a stipend for living expenses, airfare, and other miscellaneous charges.
  2. In addition, Chevening Scholars enjoy a year-long calendar of events designed to maximise their time in the UK and expose them to the greatest aspects of British culture.

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Sanctuary Scholarships

For individuals who have sought refuge in the UK, such as students who have been displaced or impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a conflict in their native country, or for other reasons, the University of Sheffield offers Sanctuary Scholarships.


The ten fully-funded Sanctuary Scholarships provide a £9,840 award to support living expenses for each year of study in addition to covering the cost of tuition.

Clarendon scholarships

Typically, Clarendon scholarships are available for the entire duration of the fee requirement. This is the time frame during which you owe the university course costs.

When a course is known to take longer than expected, the academic division may decide to extend your scholarship to cover the extra time you need to complete it. Only living expenses are covered by the extension period; continuing fees are not. Should funding be extended, scholars will be informed via their offer letter.


  1. Course costs are fully covered by Clarendon scholarships. Students with home and overseas fee status are touched by this.
  1. Students enrolled full-time in courses will receive an annual living expense grant equivalent to the minimum rate of the Research Council doctorate stipend, which is often enough to support living expenses for one Oxford student. 

Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarship

Twelve scholarships will be available from the University of Edinburgh for its master’s degrees in distance learning.


Every scholarship will pay for all tuition costs and be awarded for the whole term of the academic programme. 

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School of Divinity Postgraduate Masters Scholarships

With great pleasure, the school is inviting deserving applicants to apply for a variety of Master’s scholarships.


  1. There are several scholarships available that pay for tuition in full (at the UK, EU, and overseas rates). Additionally, partial prizes worth at least 50% of the tuition will be given out.
  1. Your tuition money will be immediately subtracted from the awards.
  1. Throughout their award, all recipients of scholarships are expected to be involved members of our postgraduate community and take advantage of opportunities to showcase their work to a larger student and staff audience. 

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development

One of Rotary’s six areas of focus—peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and economic and community development—must be completed as part of the Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development.


  1. A global grant scholarship has a minimum budget of $30,000, which can be used to pay for the following: travel expenses (as detailed in the grant terms and conditions), vaccinations, school supplies, tuition, room and board, household supplies, and language training programmes (but not if admission to a university is conditioned on improving language skills).
  1. The majority of personal and other costs are not reimbursed by the scholarship funds.
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Is it easy to get scholarships for biomedical science in the U.K.?

Depending on your background and eligibility, you may get a scholarship for biomedical science in the U.K.

Is tuition reimbursement available with the scholarship?

In most of the scholarships, tuition fees are already included.

What is included in the scholarships for biomedical science in the U.K.?

Generally, tuition fees and accommodations are included in the scholarship, but it depends on the different types of scholarships as well.

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