ACT Reading Passages: Sample Questions and Answers PDF [Free Download] 

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ACT Reading Passages: The ACT is an internationally recognized admission exam used to admit students to universities and colleges abroad. This standardized test, administered by ACT Inc., assesses the ability and competency of students who aspire to pursue higher education abroad. 


The reading section of the ACT exam is a crucial assessment of your ability to comprehend and analyze diverse texts, ranging from scientific studies to historical accounts. Success in this section hinges on your capacity to grasp the main ideas, identify supporting details, and discern the purpose of the given passages. It’s imperative to sharpen your reading and comprehension skills to ace this section of the exam. That being said, to learn more about ACT reading passages, read the entire blog. 

Latest ACT Reading Passage Questions and Answers in 2024: Download the PDF for Free!

ACT Reading Passage Questions PDF: Here are some sample questions that you can practice to ace your ACT reading questions. Download the free PDF from the link given below and practice the questions. Doing so will give you a solid understanding of the types of questions that can be asked, ensuring you are better equipped to tackle such questions on the day of the exam. Click on the link below to download the PDF for ACT reading sample questions (with answers) for free! 

ACT Reading Passage: Format and Common Topics 

The ACT reading section presents four passages, each exploring different topics ranging from natural sciences to humanities. Each 800-word passage is accompanied by 10 questions, designed to assess comprehension and reasoning skills. With a total of 40 objective or multiple-choice questions, the reading section evaluates students’ ability to grasp the core of the passages, locate specific information, demonstrate vocabulary mastery, and articulate coherent responses. Mastering language and structure is crucial for conveying meaning effectively in this section. 

Refer to the table given below to understand the ACT reading section and what it entails. 

ACT reading passage topics

5+ ACT Reading Tips to Get Better Scores in 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by the ACT Reading section? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are six effective strategies to maximize your score:

  • The ACT Reading section comes with 4 passages, with test-takers getting around 35 minutes to complete each section. 
  • Time management is crucial. Tackle the passages that resonate most with you first. This lets you dedicate more time to your strengths and ensures you attempt all questions. (Consider exploring additional ACT strategies for handling out-of-order questions.)
  • Uncover your strengths and weaknesses through practice tests. Solve practice tests and  ACT reading passages given in practice resources to identify your weak areas. 
  • Active reading involves knowing what you’re looking for beforehand. Skim the questions associated with a passage before diving in. This way, you can target important details while reading and avoid wasting time on irrelevant information.
  • Make use of transition words. Think of transition words as road signs within the passage. They indicate shifts in ideas, highlight connections and guide you towards the main argument.
  •  Identify these transitions to better grasp the author’s flow of thought.
  • Unfamiliar vocabulary can be intimidating. Most vocabulary questions test how words are used within the passage, not obscure definitions. If you encounter an unknown word, try to infer its meaning based on the surrounding context. Utilize the process of elimination to narrow down answer choices. If you’re stuck, make an educated guess and move on.
  • Taking timed practice tests under realistic conditions is crucial. This will help you get comfortable with the time constraints of the ACT and identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a plan for how you will approach the reading section of the test, allocating time for each question. Practice using this plan during your timed practice tests.

So that was all about the ACT Reading Passages.  Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. How many questions are there in ACT Reading? 

Ans. The ACT Reading section comprises 40 MCQ-based questions. 

Q2. How long do you need to study for the ACT?

Ans. One to six months is more than enough for you to prepare for the ACT exam. 

Q3. What is the total duration of the ACT? 

Ans. The ACT lasts for 2 hours and 55 minutes. 

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