Ryerson University Fees For International Students: Tuition Deposit, Residence Fees and Application Fees

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For 2024-25, the Ryerson University fees (now known as Toronto Metropolitan University) for international students range from CAD 35,063 to 40,485 per year. The public research institute charges CAD 8,000 to 14,500 per academic year for on-campus accommodations and CAD 12,000 to 21,000+ per year for off-campus housing. Students need to pay an application fee of CAD 150 while applying to the university and a non-refundable tuition deposit of CAD 1,000 after accepting the university’s offer letter. All the payments can be made through a Canadian bank or 3 providers partnering with the institute. Read the blog further to know more!

Application FeeCAD 150 (for international students)
Tuition Fee RangeCAD 35,063 – 40,485 per year
Tuition Fee Deposit CAD 1,000 (for full-time, MBA, and Computer Networks programs)
Accommodation ChargesCAD 8,000 to 14,500 per academic year (plus meal plan) [on-campus]
CAD 12,000 – 21,000+ per year [off-campus]
Mode of PaymentThrough Canadian banks or providers partnering with TMU
ScholarshipsInternational Student Winter Merit Scholarship, President’s Entrance Scholarships, International Secondary School Merit Scholarship

Ryerson University Fees: Application

As mentioned earlier, international students must submit CAD 150 as the Ryerson University fees during the application process. The fee varies with the student’s chosen method of payment; if you’re applying through this portal, the fee is CAD 150, whereas if you apply through the Ontario Universities’ Applications Centre (OUAC), the fee covers your application up to 3 universities (including TMU) and is set by the OUAC, not TMU. 

Students also need to submit a non-refundable tuition deposit of CAD 1,000 to confirm their acceptance into TMU. 

Ryerson University Fees: Tuition for International Students

For international students, the Ryerson University fees for its numerous programs vary from CAD 35,063 to 40,485 per year. Given below are the university’s fee range of various program levels:

Full-time Undergraduate Programs

Here are the fee ranges of the Ryerson’s faculties offering undergraduate programs for international students:

Faculty Fee Range
ArtsCAD 35,075 – 35,100
Community ServicesCAD 35,063 – 36,374
Engineering and Architectural ScienceCAD 40,222 – 40,485
ScienceCAD 35,072 – 35,132
Ted Rogers School of ManagementCAD 40,318 – 40,374
The Creative SchoolCAD 35,102 – 35,521

For more details on the undergraduate Ryerson University fees, check out the institute’s official page for the same. 

Full-Time Graduate Programs

Given below are the Ryerson University fees range for full-time graduate programs for international students:

Faculty Fee Range
Master of Applied ScienceCAD 26,379.99 – 28,389.99 per year
Master of ArchitectureCAD 28,389.99 per year
Master of ArtsCAD 26,379.99 – 33,889.99 per year
Master of Building ScienceCAD 28,389.99 per year
Master of Business Administration (MBA)Available on query
Master of Digital MediaCAD 26,379.99 per year
Master of EngineeringCAD 28,389.99 per year

You can also refer to TMU’s official page for more details regarding the institute’s Graduate tuition fees for international students.

How to Pay Ryerson University Tuition Fees?

Here are some payment methods available for international students to pay their Ryerson University fees:

  1. Canadian Bank Payments: If you have a Canadian bank account, you can make online or in-person payments through your bank or credit union. Here’s how you can pay:
  • Choose your mode of payment (in-person or online).
  • Add “Toronto Metropolitan University” as the payee.
  • Use your nine-digit TMU Student Number (find this in your MyServiceHub account).
  • Once you submit your payment, check your MyServiceHub account to confirm it was received.
  • Allow 3-5 business days for the payment to be processed.
  1. International Transfer Payments: TMU partners with 3 providers for international tuition payments, namely CIBC International StudentPay, Convera for Students, and PayMyTuition International. You can check out the payment process through these methods on the institute’s official website.

Ryerson University Fees: Residence

Toronto Metropolitan University offers 3 on-campus residence options for international students. The cost of living in residence varies with the room type and meal plan you choose. Here’s a breakdown of the Ryerson University accommodation fees:

Residence Fees (2024-2025)

The university charges between CAD 8,000 to 14,500 per academic year for rent on campus, while the off-campus accommodation costs CAD 12,000 to 21,000+ per year. This includes internet, laundry, residence council fees, and residence life programming fees. These fees do not include a meal plan.

Meal Plans (Optional)

Meal plans are mandatory for all residents in the International Living/Learning Centre (ILC). There are various meal plan options available, with prices ranging from up to CAD 5,400+ per year.

How to Pay Ryerson University Accommodation Fees?

The Ryerson University fees for accommodation will be paid along with the tuition fees through the same methods mentioned above. 

Ryerson University Scholarships

While Ryerson University fees may be affordable, the institute offers various scholarships for international students to encourage them to proceed with their education. Some of them are as follows:

Scholarship NameEligibility CriteriaAward Amount/BenefitsScholarship Deadline
International Student Winter Merit ScholarshipAcademically strong international students enrolled in full-time, 4-year UG programs at TMUUp to CAD 10,000 each for 20 students15 July 2024
President’s Entrance ScholarshipsFor secondary school graduates who display academic accomplishment, leadership qualities, original thought and creative abilityUpto CAD 40,000 (disbursed as CAD 10,000 annually)NA
International Secondary School Merit ScholarshipAcademically strong international students starting their full-time, 4-year UG programs at TMU
CAD 10,000 each for 40 studentsNA

Once accepted into TMU, here’s a list of scholarships for international students you can apply to while pursuing your course:

  1. Geoff Boyes International Entrance Award
  2. Geoff Boyes International Student Leadership Award
  3. International Student Merit Scholarships
  4. President’s Entrance Scholarship
  5. Salad King Awards
  6. Scotiabank International Scholarships 
  7. The Western Union Award for International Students
  8. Demonstrating Financial Need for Entrance Scholarships


Q1. How much is Ryerson University fees per year?

Ans: For international students, the Ryerson University fees are within the range of CAD 35,063 – 40,485 per year for undergraduate programs and CAD 26,379.99 – 33,889.99 per year for postgraduate programs.

Q2. Is Ryerson University good for international students?

Ans: Yes, Ryerson University (now TMU) ranks among the world’s top universities acquiring a place within the 801-850 band (QS World University Rankings 2025).

Q3. Is Toronto Metropolitan University cheap?

Ans: While Ryerson University fees can be quite high for international students (CAD 26,379.99 – 40,485 per year), the institute also provides various scholarships that learners can apply for and avail of before and during their studies.

We hope this blog gave you a complete overview of various types of Ryerson University fees for international students in 2024-25. Keep following Leverage Edu for more updates on study-abroad universities like this.

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