13 March: PTE Essay Topic – Do you think that place where the person grew up has an influence on his accomplishments?

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Do you think that place where the person grew up has an influence on his accomplishments?

Q- Do you think that place where the person grew up has an influence on his accomplishments? Explain with an example. 

Ans- The environment in which a person grows up can significantly impact their achievements. While some individuals argue that natural abilities like intelligence and talent determine success, others argue that external factors, such as family, education, culture, and socioeconomic status, shape a person’s opportunities, values, and aspirations. In this essay, I will examine both perspectives and provide examples to support the view that place of origin matters in a person’s accomplishments.

While some individuals possess exceptional skills and creativity, allowing them to succeed regardless of their background, this is not the case for most individuals. A person’s achievements are generally more influenced by their surroundings. Children who grow up in supportive families that value education and provide the resources necessary for success tend to perform better academically. Additionally, students who attend schools with quality teachers, diverse subjects, and extracurricular activities typically have a broader knowledge base, better skills, and more extensive social networks than those attending poorly equipped schools. Furthermore, people who grow up in communities that encourage ambition, diligence, and innovation are more likely to pursue their goals with confidence and perseverance.

In addition, the socioeconomic context of a person’s place of origin can also impact their opportunities and challenges. Individuals who grow up in affluent neighbourhoods generally have better access to healthcare, nutrition, safety, and cultural experiences, while those growing up in deprived areas often face significant obstacles. For instance, individuals from impoverished or marginalized communities may lack resources, experience violence, discrimination, and negative stereotypes that hinder their growth and aspirations. They may also lack role models, mentors, or peers who can inspire and guide them towards success.

In conclusion, a person’s accomplishments are influenced by a combination of internal and external factors. While natural abilities may play a role in success, the place of origin can also significantly shape a person’s opportunities, values, and aspirations. Although some individuals may overcome unfavourable circumstances, most people are influenced by the environment in which they grew up. Therefore, it is crucial to create inclusive and empowering environments for everyone, allowing individuals to reach their full potential.

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