Most Repeated Spellings in the PTE exam: Download PDF

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Most Repeated Spellings in PTE exam

In the PTE writing section, candidates have to use decent vocabulary to express their ideas better. While attempting this section, candidates must spell words correctly to get a better score. Candidates attempting the PTE exam aren’t by default supposed to be native English speakers. To score better in the PTE writing section, candidates should focus on keywords and use them accordingly. Many editing software these days uses autocorrect features to check the candidates’ spelling abilities. Focusing on spelling will also improve your vocabulary skills. This blog will tell you about the most repeated spellings in the PTE exam.

Exam NamePTE Exam
Full FormPearson Test of English
Conduction BodyPearson PLC Group
SectionsSpeaking and WritingReadingListening
Application FeeINR 15,900
Score Range10-90 Points

PTE Vocabulary Spelling Tests

To improve a candidate’s vocabulary skills and word spelling, there are many vocabulary practice tests available online which will surely help you in scoring better marks in the PTE exam. Some of these practice tests are on the official website of Pearson PLC Group, which is the conducting body of the PTE exam. Inside these practice tests, there are 1000+ words; almost all of them have been repeated more than once in the PTE exam.

While attending the PTE Writing section, you don’t have to attend to all the questions, but you have to make sure the questions you are attempting to answer should be correct so that there are no negative markings. These practice tests will help you gain confidence in the PTE Writing section.

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Most Repeated Spellings in the PTE exam

Here is a list of some of the most repeated spellings or words in the PTE exam with their meaning.

1AccumulationThe process of gradually getting more and more
2ApplicationA formal request for something
3AppreciationRecognizing the good qualities of someone
4Architecture The art and study of designing a building
5CommissionerA member of a commission
6CommunicableSomebody or something can pass on to others
7CommunicateTo exchange or share information, news, etc.
8ConfigurationArrangement of some parts or groups of parts
9ConservativeOpposed to sudden or significant social change
10ConsiderablyA lot; much; more
11ConstructionProcess of building something
12CarbohydrateIt’s a food which provides body energy and heat
13DevelopmentThe steady growth of something or someone
14DisappointmentUpset because of the outcome of an action
15ExplanationA fact or reason why something occurred
16GeographicalPhysical features of a place
17InconclusiveNot leading to a definite result or conclusion
18InstructionDetails information about using something
19InstrumentalAn important piece or part in making something
20InsufficientNot significant or important for a purpose
21NeuroscienceStudy of the brain and its functioning
22ParticipantA person taking part in an activity or event
23PublicationThe act of printing a book or magazine
24RecollectionThe ability to remember something
25ScholarshipMoney or financial aid for education support
26StationeriesMaterials for writing and use in school or office
27Surprisingly In a way that causes a surprise
28TechnologicalConnected with technology
39UniversityAn institution for higher education
30UnemploymentA person without a job

Most Repeated Spellings in the PTE Exam- Download Free PDF


What is the application fee for the Pearson Test of English (PTE)?

Candidates applying for the PTE exam will have to pay INR 15,900 (inclusive taxes). This payment is non-refundable. If the candidate has provided any false information, the candidate’s application will be rejected and the application fee is to be paid again to complete the PTE exam application process.

Is PTE easier than IELTS?

Both PTE and IELTS exams are conducted to test candidates’ four fundamental skills; Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. Without sufficient preparation, neither of these exams is easy. The only difference between these exams is their mode of examination and their pattern.

Are there any passing marks in the PTE exam?

There is no such thing as passing marks in the PTE exam. The PTE exam score ranges from 10-90 points. A good PTE score varies between 60-75. This score will be sufficient to get you admission to some of the best universities in the world.

What is the PTE exam eligibility?

Candidates or students applying for the PTE exam should be at least 16+ years of age. There is no upper age limit for the PTE exam. Also, candidates in the age group of 16-18 years must submit parental consent in advance.

The PTE exam is conducted with the object of testing a candidate’s four fundamental skills in the English language; Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. To get a good score, all the sections are equally important and so is the marks distribution of this exam. 

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  1. From my point of view, PTE exam is much easier than Ielts. So I should recommend you to take Pte test if you want to pursue your further study in abroad.

  1. From my point of view, PTE exam is much easier than Ielts. So I should recommend you to take Pte test if you want to pursue your further study in abroad.