McMaster University Notable Alumni

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McMaster University Notable Alumni

McMaster University Notable Alumni: Established in 1887, McMaster University is a publicly-funded university with a strong focus on research. It is recognized as one of the top 100 universities worldwide according to the Times Higher Education rankings. Situated in the lively city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, McMaster University accommodates a student body of over 31,000 undergraduates. 


Additionally, McMaster University has been honoured with the Global Teaching Excellence Award, showcasing its exceptional teaching practices and making it one of the premier institutions for higher education in Canada.

Established in 1887
Total No. of Campuses6
Exams that the university accepts TOEFL, IELTS, PTE
Official Websitehttps://www.mcmaster.ca/ 

About McMaster University

McMaster University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university provides over 100 graduate programs, spanning six faculties of study: Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business, Science, and Engineering. 

In the latest QS World University Rankings by subject for 2023, McMaster University has once again achieved recognition as one of the top 50 universities worldwide for Life Sciences and Medicine, securing the 48th position. Furthermore, the university’s subject rankings in other categories for 2023 are as follows:

  • Social Sciences and Management: 289
  • Engineering and Technology: 214
  • Natural Sciences: 257

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5 Famous McMaster University Notable Alumni  

McMaster University is renowned for various aspects, such as its esteemed medical, engineering, and business schools. In addition to these accomplishments, McMaster University has also played a significant role in nurturing some of the most prominent figures in Canadian comedy. The names of some of the McMaster University notable alumni and their achievements are mentioned below. 

Martin Short

Source: IMDb

Martin Short initially pursued pre-med studies at McMaster University before switching to social work. He was born in 1950 and spent his formative years in Hamilton, residing near McMaster University. 

Following his graduation from McMaster, he secured a role in a Toronto production of Godspell in 1972, where he worked alongside Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas. Short gained widespread recognition through his appearances on SCTV and Saturday Night Live, captivating audiences with unforgettable characters like Ed Grimley and Jiminy Glick. Subsequently, he ventured into Hollywood films. 

In recognition of his accomplishments, Short received an honorary degree from McMaster University in 2001, and he was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1994.

Eugene Levy 

Source: The Guardian 

Eugene Levy, a native of Hamilton and a graduate of McMaster University, has made a name for himself as both an actor and a writer in Hollywood comedies. 

During his time on SCTV, he showcased his versatility by portraying various characters such as Alex Trebek, Moammar Gadhafi, and Stan Schmenge. In recognition of his achievements, Levy was granted an honorary degree from McMaster University in 2005. 

His journey began at McMaster, where he served as a photo editor for the student newspaper, The Silhouette, from 1968 to 1969. It was at the McMaster Film Board that he crossed paths with Ivan Reitman, who offered him his inaugural job. Levy attained even greater acclaim with the highly successful series “Schitt’s Creek,” which made history by sweeping all seven major comedy awards at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards in 2020. 

Dave Thomas 

Source: IMDb

Born in Dundas, Dave Thomas has achieved both writing and acting success in the United States. He gained significant recognition for his portrayal of the hoser character, Doug McKenzie, on SCTV. 

In 1972, Thomas completed his studies at McMaster University, graduating with an honours degree in English. During his time at McMaster, he served as the executive editor of The Silhouette. 

Additionally, Thomas actively participated in various theatre productions, laying the groundwork for his future endeavours in the film and television industry. In 2009, he was honoured with an honorary degree from McMaster University.

Ivan Reitman

Source: People

The director responsible for the renowned Hollywood film Ghostbusters was a fellow student of Levy’s at McMaster University. Ivan Reitman, who graduated with an honours Bachelor of Arts degree in music in 1969, began his foray into filmmaking during the late 1960s while studying at the university. 

In 1971, Reitman embarked on his directorial journey with a film titled “Foxy Lady.” According to rumour, he initially approached Levy to work as a coffee boy before eventually casting him as the lead in “Cannibal Girls” two years later. 

Reitman also served as a co-producer for the film “Animal House,” which is said to have drawn inspiration from McMaster’s lively orientation week. Among his other notable works are “Space Jam,” “Junior,” and “Kindergarten Cop.”

John Candy

Source: Wikipedia

John Candy, who attended McMaster University as an undergraduate student, is widely recognized for his memorable roles in films such as “Uncle Buck” and “Planes, Trains & Automobiles.” 

On SCTV, Candy portrayed Yosh Schmenge, one half of the comedic Schmenge Brothers duo, while Levy portrayed the other brother, Stan. The two collaborated closely on SCTV and were involved in eight projects together, including “The Last Polka,” “Armed and Dangerous,” and “Splash.” Candy, born in Newmarket, tragically passed away in 1994 during the filming of “Wagons East.” 

It is reported that Candy resided in Whidden Hall during his time at McMaster University.

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What is the application process for McMaster University?

To apply for undergraduate courses at McMaster University, you can submit your admission application through the OUAC portal. For graduate programs, you can apply directly through the university’s portal.

What is the acceptance rate for Indian students at McMaster University?

The acceptance rate for Indian students at McMaster University is approximately 58%. Out of every 100 applicants, around 58 are admitted. Therefore, Indian students applying to McMaster University must distinguish themselves by achieving excellent grades and actively participating in extracurricular activities to enhance their chances of acceptance.

Does McMaster University provide scholarships for international students?

McMaster University offers over $2 million in scholarships, awards, and bursaries for international students. Some of the available scholarship options at McMaster University include the McMaster University Award of Excellence, International Renewable Entrance Awards, and Provost Entrance Scholarships for International Students.

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