How to Know a University is the Right Fit for You

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Right university for you

Thousands of universities around the world offer a range of quality programs to help students reach their full potential in life. There are many standout options, no matter which career path you intend to pursue.


Yet, not all universities will be the right fit for you. Some will have more to offer in the way of culture and programs. If you’re struggling to know which universities to apply to, consider the following factors in the decision-making process.

Location and Environment

In your early days of searching for the best universities to apply to, you may only be picturing yourself wearing a graduation cap and gown, walking along the top step of the stage to take your diploma. However, many steps come before then.

You have to decide whether the location and environment of a particular university will suit your needs now and in the future. For some people, it’s important that they choose a university close to their family home to save money on accommodation. For others, a quiet suburban neighbourhood or bustling city environment is most important to them. 


Tertiary education costs money. Most full-time undergraduate students living on campus at four-year universities can spend $26,000 to $55,800 for a single year of schooling. The amount you pay can depend on whether you attend a private non-profit institution, a private for-profit institution, or a public institution. Cost can undoubtedly play a part in where you decide to apply. Many students only choose to apply to colleges with the lowest fees or where they can obtain grants and scholarships.  

Campus Culture

You’ll likely spend several important years of your life at a university’s campus, and you want those years to be among the happiest of your life. That’s why evaluating a campus’s culture can be worthwhile.

Do your best to visit as many university campuses as possible once you apply to become a student there. Take notice of how comfortable and welcome you feel on university grounds. Review the various campus activities and clubs, and even consider diversity. The more at home you feel on a university’s campus, the easier it might be to decide once the offers start rolling in. 

Academic Programs

Many universities can be offering the same or similar programs, but that doesn’t mean they’re all highly regarded. Don’t be afraid to evaluate various academic programs to see whether they’ll fulfil your unique needs.

Sometimes, you have to evaluate several factors, like the programs’ reputation, their quality, the expertise of faculty, and the resources you can access during those programs. Programs providing access to internships and research opportunities can also be worth exploring. 


Many employers consider a job applicant’s educational background before they agree to interview them. In fact, studies have found that 71% of hiring managers are more likely to go ahead with a candidate who attended a top-tier school. Over 60% believe that applicants from top-tier schools will make better employees. Keep this in mind when applying to schools. You may not consider going to a particular university if their reputation doesn’t win you over. 

It’s never easy to know whether a university is the right fit. Still, considering these factors above may help you feel more confident in your decision. 

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