20+ IELTS Vocabulary Words: Most Common Vocabulary, Section-Wise Vocabulary, Best Books

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20+ IELTS Vocabulary Words: Most Common Vocabulary, Section-Wise Vocabulary, Best Books

The IELTS Vocabulary requires candidates to use the appropriate words and have a strong hold over their meaning and uses in sentences. To improve your English Vocabulary, you must cover a wide range of words, related phrases and their meanings. The vocabulary will be included in the IELTS Speaking and Writing Section. Having a rich vocabulary will enable you to communicate effectively and understand the written and spoken language without any difficulties. Before appearing for the IELTS test, candidates must have a strong vocabulary, as this will allow them to grasp a wide range of words, sentences and phrases. In this article, we are going to provide you with some of the most popular IELTS Vocabulary words with their meanings.


20+ IELTS Vocabulary Words With their Meanings

While appearing for the IELTS test, you need to cover a wide range of words and understand their meaning and use in sentences. Doing so will help you with improving your vocabulary skills and you will have a better understanding of the words and sentences which will be covered in the exam. IELTS Vocabulary consists of words and phrases that test your abilities to use them appropriately in sentences and overall understanding. Here is a table highlighting 20+ IELTS vocabulary words with their meanings.

IELTS Vocabulary WordsWord Meanings
SubsequentFollowing an order or time; succeeding.
Requisite Something obvious, clearly understood or visible.
MitigateReducing the pain or severity of something
NotionA belief or conception about something
Prohibit Restricting something or someone
EnhanceTo increase or improve the quality or value of something
EminentSomeone who is popular and respected in a particular field
DiligentShowing careful and persistent effort or work.
ErraticSomething which is not regular or even in movement
JustifyShowing or proving to be right or reasonable
EradicatePut an end to something; destroying it completely
CredibleThe condition to believe in; convincing
ControversialSomething which is made necessary for a particular purpose
ConsequenceThe result or effect of something or an action
Infer To reduce or lessen the severity or impact of something
AnalysisExamining something to understand its details and structure or components
AccommodateTo provide space or lodging for someone to stay
AcquireTo gain possession of something
AmbiguousSomething having more than one meaning or interpretation
PredominantSomeone or something having superior strength or importance or influence
ApparentSomething which is obvious, clearly understood or visible.
ValidateA condition or quality of being logically or factually sound; legitimacy

Section-Wise Vocabulary for IELTS

Refer to the data given below to go through the section-wise vocabulary for IELTS in 2024. Have a look.

Latest Vocabulary Words for IELTS Speaking 2024

Here are the most common vocabulary words that you can use in IELTS speaking tasks in 2024.

Certainly Used to express complete agreement with something that has just been said. 
DebateDiscuss (a topic), especially in a formal way.
DiscloseMake (new or secret information) public
TranquilCalm, Quiet
JargonSpecial, hard-to-understand words or phrases that a profession or group uses
IncentiveSomething that inspires or motivates someone to act. 
EasingLessen the seriousness or severity of (something unpleasant or intense). 
FloutDisregard openly
Scramble Move or climb unsteadily 
Buckle UnderBend, Twist
Obsequious Sycophant 

Most Common Vocabulary Words for IELTS Writing

Here are the most popular and frequently used vocabulary words in IELTS writing. Have a look.

Vocabulary Meaning 
Items, PossessionsThings
Infants, OffspringBabies, Children
Adolescents, YouthsTeenagers
Senior citizens, RetireesElderly people
Supervisor, SuperiorBoss, Manager
Law enforcementPolice
Offenders, LawbreakersCriminals
Acceptable, SatisfactoryFine
Preferable, DesirableGood
Unsatisfactory, UnacceptableBad, Poor
Considerate, AgreeableNice, Polite
Sociable, NeighbourlyKind, Friendly

Top 5+ Vocabulary Books for IELTS Exams

Vocabulary books for IELTS: One must have a strong hold on their vocabulary to qualify for the IELTS Exam with flying colours. To improve their vocabulary, one must make it a habit of using new words/phrases with utmost efficacy in their daily conversations. That being said, enhancing vocabulary is not all about mugging up new words, but inculcating the practice of using them again and again.   You’ve come across an interesting term? Use it! By making this habit a norm, one can truly broaden their vocabulary. 

When it comes to books for IELTS Vocabulary, there is a myriad of options available out there. But as it is a matter of one’s future, only the best should be opted for. That being said, we have curated and shortlisted a bunch of books for you to refer to, so that you don’t have to search further. Have a look. 

Name of the BookName of the Author/PublisherPricePurchase Link
IELTS Band 9 Vocabulary SecretsCambridge IELTS ConsultantsINR 199Click Here
Collins Vocabulary for IELTS Anneli WilliamsINR 1,217Click Here
Barron’s Essential Words for IELTSDr. Lin LougheedINR 299Click Here
4000 English Words Paul NationINR 600Click Here
English Vocabulary in UseMichael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell INR 2,521Click Here

So that was all about IELTS vocabulary. Hope the blog has cleared your doubts regarding the topic.

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What is the IELTS test?

The International English Language Testing System, a.k.a. IELTS, is one of the language proficiency tests, which is conducted for candidates who want to pursue education abroad or want to migrate to any English-speaking country.

How to score more in IELTS Vocabulary?

To score a better band on the IELTS test, candidates must hone their English Vocabulary skills, as most of the exam revolves around this section. Candidates who have a better understanding of English words, their meanings and their uses in sentences are likely to score higher band on the IELTS test.

Who conducts the IELTS test?

The International English Language Testing System is jointly organised by the British Council, Cambridge Assessment English and IDP; IELTS Australia. This proficiency test is conducted around 48 times annually.

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