How Often Can I Take GMAT?

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How Often Can I Take GMAT?

The GMAT exam is a computer-based examination taken by students who want to study graduate management programs. The GMAT examination accesses the analytical skills, writing skills, and verbal, and quantitative skills of the candidate. Therefore, presenting the GMAT scores is important to get admission into B-schools. However, GMAT is a difficult examination. Hence, there are times when students want to retake the examination. The good news is that universities only consider the highest score secured by a candidate in the GMAT exam. Keep reading to learn about how often can I take GMAT.

How Often Can I Take GMAT?

There are several reasons why a student might want to retake the GMAT examination. For example, the candidate might have had a bad day, or they may not like the score. Here are a few other scenarios where a student can consider the question- how often can I take GMAT?

Performance Anxiety on Standardized Tests 

Some people have extreme performance anxiety on their tests. It can interfere with how effectively they can perform in the examination. In such cases, students can consider retaking the exam. The solution is to take the first test 4-8 weeks prior to taking the ‘real test’.

The score secured by the student is below the average score requirement of the preferred college

If a student has secured below the average GMAT score required by a university, he/she might want to retake the test. At this point, the student might ask- how often can I take the GMAT and improve from 20 points below the school’s average to 30 points above. Based on the totality of his application, the school offered him a US$75,000 financial package; they did not base this solely on his GMAT score, of course, but an above-average score makes a difference in the overall picture. exam. That is, the student can consider taking the GMAT examination again.

Aiming to get a better financial package 

The candidate can aim to score 30-50 points more to secure a better financial package. Business schools are known for offering grants, stipends, fellowships, and scholarships to find out what a student wants in a program.

The average second official test score improvement for all candidates is 30 points 

It is possible to score more on the GMAT examination. In fact, on average students earn 30 points extra in the second examination in terms of improvement.  Hence, the student might want to retake the GMAT examination.

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How Many Times Can You Retake the GMAT?

First of all, there is a 16-day waiting period between the examinations. That is both in the testing centre and online. However, if a student chooses to switch between the examination format there isn’t a waiting period. For example, if the candidate has taken the GMAT examination at a test centre and wants to change it to an online examination.

How Often Can I Retake the GMAT? The answer to this question is – the GMAT examination can be taken 5 times in a 12-month period. For example, a student can retake the GMAT examination 3 times offline and 2 times online.  Similarly, the GMAT examination can be taken up to 8 times in a lifetime. That is, regardless of the format.

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Does Retaking the GMAT Look Bad?

No. The business schools only consider the best scores of students while evaluating the application. The university doesn’t take into account the number of times a student has retaken the GMAT examination. In fact, it will bring a positive outlook to the university if the student has retaken the examination.

However, if a student has retaken the examination 4 times with no improvement it can bring a negative outlook. Generally, it is fine if a student retakes the examination.

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1. How soon can I retake GMAT?

A candidate can retake the examination after 16 days of taking the test. However, if a student is switching between the examination format  (online or test centre). It is possible to take the examination immediately.

2. How many times can you attempt GMAT in a year?

5 times. A student can retake the examination 5 times a year and not more than 8 times in a lifetime.

3. Can you take GMAT more than 8 times?

No. Students cannot take the GMAT examination more than 8 times.  The maximum number of times a student can take the examination is 8.

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