Study Abroad: The US h1b Visa Application will be accepted by the United States Embassy in March 

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In March 2023, the United States will start receiving the H-1B Visa application for skilled workers. This will help the Indian students to stay and work for six years after completing their graduation.

Indian business school students who have plans to work in the United States should know that the United States will start receiving the H-1B visa application on March 1st. This is undoubtedly good news for students who want to study abroad in the United States


The H-1B visa, also known as the non-immigrant visa, will help the students gain professional expertise through work or degree experience so that they can look for jobs within US companies. A visa is one of the most important things for Indian students to continue living as well as working in the United States after completing their graduation from reputed universities

h1b Application Deadline 2023

The USCIS, US Citizenship and Immigration Services recently stated that they will accept the US H-1B visa application. The h1b application deadline 2023 is between March 1st and March 17th. This specific visa scheme will always help both Indian and international students complete their dreams of studying at reputed universities in the United States. 

The USCIS make more than 80,000 H1-B visa applications every year. However, students or workers who have advanced educational degrees such as a Master’s or MBA from reputed universities will have a competitive advantage over others. The visa application will be completed through a lottery process. 

Study Abroad: The US h1b Visa Application will be accepted by the United States Embassy in March

US h1b Visa Application

But you need to have proper knowledge if you want to get this visa. If you have plans to receive the h1b application deadline 2023, make sure you’re focusing on sponsorship from employers who will create a petition to the USCIS on your behalf. 

This visa scheme is extremely important as well as beneficial for US employers who want highly-skilled and professional employees for their companies. As the demand for this specific US visa is extremely high, make sure you pay close attention while applying for this visa. 

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