Fulbright Foreign Student Program 2024-2025 has been started by the US Government

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Fulbright Foreign Student Program 2024-2025 has been started in the US. The Students can apply for the program by following these methods.

The US government has started the Fulbright Foreign Student Program for the 2024/2025 academic session. This program covers 2 academic years for graduate studies in the USA from August 2024.

Fulbright Program Overview

The Fulbright Program, launched by the US government, is considered to be one of the main and best academic exchange programmes for graduate students. This program has been established in 1946

In the Fulbright Program there are approximately 8,000 graduate students, teachers and academic professionals who are accepted into the programme each year. The main criteria to enroll in for the Fulbright Program is merit and academic performance.

What is there in the Fulbright Program?

Below are the points that can benefits the students, are-

  • Tuition and fees coverage
  • Books, equipment and travel allowance
  • A monthly stipend for accommodation and meals 
  • Health & accident insurance coverage 
  • Full fledged access in the Fulbright enrichment programmes

Eligibility to get Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Eligibility for the Fulbright Program is listed below-

  • Must be a Citizen of eligible country
  • Candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from recognized university
  • Strong academic background is mandatory for this program
  • Proficiency in English or can attend long-term English programmes before the programme begins
Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Steps to applying for Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Below are the points to apply in for the Fulbright Foreign Student Program-

  • Academic transcripts
  • English language test like IELTS or TOEFL scores
  • A detailed CV including all education and work experience 
  • Three letter of reference, one each from a professional, a personal and an academic contact (written in English) 
  • A personal statement (up to 600 words, written in English)
  • A study or research essay that can showcase your field of study (written in English)

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