Study Abroad in Switzerland: Work.Master Gives Artistic Exposure In Learning Through Experimental Formats

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Work.Master Gives Artistic Exposure In Learning Through Experimental Formats
Work.Master Gives Artistic Exposure In Learning Through Experimental Formats
Art & Design is all about finding oneself through experimentation, believes Geneva Visual Arts Department while hosting Work.Master MFA programme.

Applications are closing soon to the Work.Master MFA programme from Geneva School of Art & Design. Work.Master gives artistic exposure to learning through experimental formats. This is the reason why the programme received huge support from artists worldwide. International students with that artistic soul can now find this the best opportunity to create for themselves. The master’s programme creates the artist inside of the international student instead of telling what it should be like.


What Is So Different About Work.Master in 2023?

This MFA programme from the Geneva HEAD Department of Visual Arts allows students to practice their art in studios while making mistakes and learning from them. It creates artistic genius rather than putting international students inside a strict curriculum. The value of experimentation with their art allows the students to build their artistic persona. The general method-learning might make the students lose their uniqueness in creation.

The MFA programme exposes international students to artists in the industry and local artists. This approach thus helps to remove the barriers of thought that only the chartbuster artists are the best. Additionally, it allows the students to have hand on experience with what contemporary artists think and how their creative process functions.

Furthermore, this programme is newly curated in 2023 by Krzysztof Kosciuczuk and Clovis Maillet, both rooted deeply in the history of art. Thus, international students get great guidance and feel the independence of creating their own. What sets the programme apart is the Art Exhibition of the whole department named the Grand Tour.

Last Date for Application is Approaching

While this programme is increasingly spotted by international students, the closing date for applications is near. The application deadline is the 3rd of April, 2023. International students looking for an immersive experience with real artists and studio projects should apply soon.

The department is bilingual – French and English. The theories are continuously questioned by the students and debated over with peers under the supervision of professors. This allows the students to have a greater understanding of the real-world issues that the artists face. Additionally, international students can understand art from the standpoint of the multicultural mixing of art practices.

Work.Master Gives Artistic Exposure In Learning Through Experimental Formats

Thus, it is 2 years of artistic experience while studying abroad with Work.Master MFA programme. International students must not drop the fact that Work.Master gives artistic exposure through experimental formats.

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