7 Famous Coventry University Alumni: List of Successful Personalities

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Coventry University Alumni: Situated in England, Coventry University conveys a rich history of nurturing talented individuals across different fields. These graduates have left their mark on the world, from musicians who rocked the stage to athletes who defied limitations. Let’s look into the inspiring journeys of seven such remarkable Coventry University alumni in this blog, along with their academic backgrounds and achievements in their respective industries.


List of Famous Coventry University Alumni

The following 7 personalities illuminate different paths that Coventry University alumni have taken, from YouTube stardom to journalism, academia, and the arts. Their achievements are an inspiration to current and future students to pursue their passions and make a difference in their chosen fields. Let’s get to know these influential figures one by one:

Coventry University Alumni: Tobit John Brown (TBJZL)

Tobit John Brown

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Tobit John Brown, popularly known as TBJZL, is an English YouTuber and part of the famous Sidemen group. His channel features vlogs about football, gaming, and humorous content. TBJZL’s subtle comedy and eye for quirks have endeared him to nearly 5 million subscribers. He’s also a member of the Sidemen, a group of UK’s top vloggers. TBJZL’s journey from Coventry University alumni to YouTube stardom showcases the power of digital media.

Martyn Amos

Martyn Amos

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Martyn Amos is a professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Northumbria University. He is also a renowned researcher in natural computation, crowd simulation, DNA computing, and synthetic biology. His doctoral thesis from Coventry University focused on nurturing engagement in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through digital polysensory experiences. Martyn’s contributions to the field of computer science exemplify the impact of academic research.

Coventry University Alumni: Jacqui Jackson

Jacqui Jackson

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Jacqui Jackson, a British writer and autism advocate, holds a doctoral degree from Coventry University. Her research focused on nurturing engagement in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through digital experiences. As a single mother of eight neurodiverse children, Jacqui’s work extends beyond academia. Her books, including Multicoloured Mayhem, provide valuable insights into parenting and understanding neurodiversity.

David Yelland

David Yelland

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David Yelland, a former journalist and editor of The Sun, has had a multifaceted career. This Coventry University alumnus became the editor of the tabloid newspaper after studying Economics at the prestigious institute. His tenure was marked by liberal editorial choices and memorable headlines. 

Mathew Macklin

Mathew Macklin

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Mathew Macklin, a professional boxer, achieved success both in the ring and outside it. While studying law at Coventry University, he won the 2001 national senior ABA welterweight title. Macklin’s journey from Coventry to the boxing world showcases the intersection of sports and education.

Horace Panter

Horace Panter, a founding member of the iconic band The Specials, studied fine art at Coventry University. His artistic talent and musical contributions have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Panter’s journey from Coventry to global fame underscores the university’s impact on creative expression.

John Kettley

John Kettley, born in the United Kingdom, is a freelance meteorologist and weather presenter. His career includes working for the BBC and ITV, where he became a household name for his weather forecasts. 


Q1. Who are some famous alumni from Coventry University?

Ans: Some notable Coventry University alumni include:
1. Andrea McLean: A Scottish journalist and television presenter who worked on ITV Daytime.
2. Jerry Dammers: A British musician, founder of the ska band “The Specials,” and a pivotal figure in the ska revival.
3. Hannah Cockroft: A British wheelchair racer with world records in sprint distances.
4. Pauline Black: An English singer, actress, and author.
5. TBJZL (Tobit John “Tobi” Brown): An English YouTuber and co-founder of the Sidemen YouTube group.

Q2. What achievements are associated with Coventry University alumni?

Ans: Coventry University alumni have made significant contributions in various fields, such as:
1. Music: Jerry Dammers founded the influential ska band “The Specials.”
2. Sports: Hannah Cockroft holds world and Paralympic records in wheelchair racing.
3. Design: Ian Callum’s work has left a mark in the automotive industry.
4. Entertainment: Andrea McLean and TBJZL have made their mark in television and YouTube, respectively.
5. Literature and Arts: Pauline Black is known for her singing and acting career.

Q3. How has Coventry University influenced the entertainment industry?

Ans: Coventry University alumni like Andrea McLean and Pauline Black have made significant contributions to television and music. TBJZL’s YouTube presence and the Sidemen group have also garnered immense popularity. Jerry Dammers’ role in the ska revival influenced music and cultural movements.

We hope that this blog gave you a complete insight into the famous Coventry University alumni. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more such content on study abroad universities. Thank you for reading!

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