A Guide on Cost of Living in Phoenix

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cost of living in phoenix

Phoenix is the capital of the southwestern US state of Arizona. For all those students wanting to pursue their higher education here, it is crucial for them to understand the cost of living. Phoenix is famous for its huge international community, cultural diversity and much more. Over the years, it has become a global city with people from all over the world.

In this blog, we will talk about the cost of living to study in Phoenix and will even provide you with some insights into accommodation, cost of food and other daily living expenses.

Why Choose Phoenix to Study Abroad?

Phoenix is America’s 5th largest city and also the capital of Arizona. The city is a unique melting point of people and cultures. It is also known as the “Valley of the Sun”. The best part about this city is that it gets 300+ days of sunshine every year. As an international student, one will get to hang out with a lot of international students from around the world. 

Speaking of which, here is a quick breakdown of all the essential items which the students will be needing. By going through this, one will get a fair idea about their expenses. 

Cost of Living 

The cost of living in Phoenix is 2 per cent lower than the state average and 4 per cent higher than the national average. Living in Phoenix is expensive. Therefore, before migrating to this city, it is very important for one to look at the expenses they will incur. Before going to any new place, it is very important for one to look at the costs of utility bills, electricity bills, food and several other expenses. 

A single person’s monthly expenses are anticipated to be $1,010, not including rent. Phoenix is 269, 9 % less expensive overall than New York City (excluding rent). Here is a short example of all the expenses that one will have to incur:

  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $17 
  • A one-way ticket on public transport: $2
  • Cappuccino: $5.21

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All those students are located in the Southwest corner of the USA, Arizona borders 5 other states and Mexico. This makes it an ideal place to for travel to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego. Travel within Phoenix is effortless using the city’s Valley Metro system, which includes:

  • Railways
  • Public buses
  • Streetcars

This city also has one of the busiest airports in America, Phoenix Sky Harbor International which has flights coming from all over the world. 


Food is one of the most important necessities, at the same time its cost varies across the entire country. Here is the list of the costs one will have to incur. Keep in mind that these processes will vary from place to place. 

Food Item Cost 
Milk (regular), (0.25 litre)$ 0.23
Eggs (regular) (2.40)$ 0.85
Beef Round (0.15 kg)$ 2.02
Tomato (0.20 kg)$ 0.59
Potato (0.20 kg)$ 0.26
Onion (0.10 kg)$ 0.38
Local Cheese (0.10 kg)$ 1.08
Apples (0.30 kg)$ 1.36
Rice (white), (0.10 kg)$ 0.39

Things to Know/Consider When Moving to Phoenix

When moving to Phoenix, it is important for the student to know some basic information about the place, in this it is Phoenix. Here are a few things which they should consider when planning to go abroad.

  • Houston is known for world-class dining, shopping, entertainment and much more. There’s definitely no shortage of budget-friendly activities such as museums, theatres, and parks. 
  • Houston offers some of the top-rated schools for students to pursue their higher education. With the mix of urban and suburban settings, the city is known for its competitive in-state and tuition degrees.
  • The city provides its people with a reasonable cost of living. 

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Q1. Is it expensive to live in Phoenix?

A1. Housing costs in Phoenix, Arizona are 24% higher than the national average, while utility costs are only 2% higher.

Q2. Is moving to Phoenix a good idea?

A2. It’s a well-liked location for everyone, from young professionals to families to, yes, retirees, because of its pleasant climate, excellent employment possibilities, expanding population, and robust local economy.

This was all about the Cost of living in Phoenix. If you are aspiring to study in Phoenix then contact Leverage Edu where our experts will help you in your study abroad journey, making it a hassle-free experience.

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