💵Cost of Living in Kawasaki: A Guide

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cost of living in kawasaki

Hi! I’m Astronaut Alex 👨‍🚀🚀, and today, we’re talking about the cost of living in Kawasaki. Do you know about the living expenses in Kawasaki? Well, it can be expensive to study abroad but with the right knowledge of managing the expenses, you will be able to stay comfortably. 


The industrial city of Kawasaki is located in the Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. One of the major cities of the Greater Tokyo Area and Keihin Industrial Area, Kawasaki is the second-most populated city in Kanagawa Prefecture after Yokohama, and the eighth-most populated city in the country. The city offers great living conditions and a wide range of career opportunities. So, it is no wonder that so many international students and expats frequently choose Kawasaki as their destination. However, you should be aware of the cost of living in Kawasaki before you move there. In this blog, we will understand the living expenses of this city in complete detail. 

Hope you have a gist of living in Kawasaki. This is just the beginning! Join me as I take you on a journey on the breakup of the cost of living in Kawasaki. Let’s go!🚀

✈️ Why Choose Kawasaki to Study Abroad

International Students often select Kawasaki as their study destination. Before we dive deep into the cost of living in Kawasaki, let’s see why you should choose this city for the pursuit of your education. 

➡️Stable Economic Growth 

One of the best reasons to study in Kawasaki and Japan as a whole is its growing economy. Japan is not just the world’s third-largest economy, it is also among the best manufacturers of electrical goods, automobiles, and more. You can take advantage of the growing economy of Kawasaki and land the job of your dreams. 

➡️Top-Notch Universities

Kawasaki houses some of the best universities in the world, offering world-class education. Some of these prestigious institutes are:

  • Showa University of Music
  • St. Marianna University School of Medicine
  • Den-en Chōfu University
  • Kawasaki City College of Nursing
  • Senzoku Gakuen College of Music

➡️Pleasant People 

Japanese People are renowned for their respectfulness and humility. They are always willing to help despite the language constraint and respect personal space. They are also highly professional and very efficient with their job responsibilities. So, you will learn a lot while living, studying, and working with Japanese people. 

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💰 Cost of Living in Kawasaki

Living expenses are one of the most important considerations a student or expat has while moving to a new place. The table below demonstrates the average cost of living in Kawasaki:

Total Cost of Living for One Person Without Rent¥89,862
Total Cost of Living for One Person With Rent¥150,425
Monthly Rent and Utility Costs¥60,563
Monthly Salary After Tax¥465,323
Monthly Transportation Cost¥27,487
Monthly Food Cost¥48,631

Now, let’s have a look at the complete breakdown of the cost of living in Kawasaki: 

🚗 Transportation

The transportation costs in Kawasaki are listed in the table shown below: 

Price of a One-way Ticket for Local Transport¥185
Regular Price of Monthly Pass ¥7,000
Cost of Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)¥700
Cost of Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)¥420
Cost of Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)¥3,295

🍎Grocery Expenses

The table below lists the average grocery costs you can expect in Kawasaki:

Price of 1 litre Milk (regular)¥205.82
Price of 1 kg Rice (white)¥338.36
Price of Eggs (regular) (12)¥283.08
Cost of Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)¥213.18 

🍽️ Restaurant Costs

The table below shows the average restaurant costs you can expect to bear in Kawasaki:

Price of Meal at an Inexpensive Restaurant¥1,000
Price of Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course¥3,000

🚰 Utility Costs

Here are the average utility costs in Kawasaki: 

Basic (Heating, Electricity, Cooling, Water, and Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment¥21,380.21
Monthly Plan of Mobile Phone with Calls and 10GB+ Data¥2,803.58
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL)¥4,498.14

🏠 Housing Costs

This is what the housing costs look like in Kawasaki:

Monthly Rent for a 1-bedroom Apartment in the City Centre¥90,000
Monthly Rent for a 1-bedroom Apartment Outside of the Centre¥30,000
Monthly Rent for a 3-bedroom Apartment in the City Centre¥150,000
Monthly Rent for a 3-bedroom Apartment Outside of the Centre¥75,000

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👩‍🎓Average Tuition Fees in Kawasaki

Now that you know the cost of living in Kawasaki, let’s see the average cost of tuition you might bear at the universities of this city. The table below shows the average tuition costs at the universities of Kawasaki:

Average Annual Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Courses¥850,000
Average Annual Tuition Fees for Postgraduate Courses¥850,000
Average Annual Tuition Fees for PhD Courses¥1,587,806

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✅Things to Know When Moving to Kawasaki

Kawasaki is an ideal destination for overseas students and job seekers alike. If you have finally made up your mind to move to Kawasaki, then here are some essential things you need to know beforehand:

➡️Well-Connected Train Lines

The train lines of Kawasaki connect it very well to the neighboring Tokyo and Yokohama. To get around Kawasaki, you can use the Nambu line and countless buses. 

➡️Very Safe

Kawasaki and Japan as a whole are very safe. Gun violence, drug use and homicide rates are extremely low in this city. 

➡️Sleeping Anywhere is Fine

Sleeping anywhere you wish is considered fine here and no one will ever judge you that. You can spot people napping anywhere they please, be it the department stores or park benches. 

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Mr. Astronaut👨‍🚀🚀- “ Kiddos, I have answered all your queries with the utmost precision that I was capable of. Now, I will be taking my leave, but if you think that I might have missed something do check out the FAQ section or drop a comment. I always respond!”


Q1. Is Kawasaki cheaper than Tokyo?

Ans. Yes, the cost of living in Kawasaki is slightly cheaper than living in Tokyo. 

Q2. How much does it cost to live comfortably in Japan?

Ans. You need at least ¥150,000 to live comfortably in Japan. 

Q3. How far is Kawasaki from Tokyo?

Ans. The shortest distance (air line) between Kawasaki and Tokyo is 17.51 km.

So, this was all about the cost of living in Kawasaki. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad

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