Cosmetology Scholarships for Indian Students

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Cosmetology Scholarships for Indian Students

Cosmetology is the study of how to take care of skin, hair, and nails to look good. Indian students who choose to study abroad for beauty learn how to help clients achieve their physical goals by using a range of traditional and modern treatments. In the learning environment part of skincare, and hairdressing, you may learn how to look better, but you also need to know what the market wants. What kind of job do you want? A makeup artist in Milan, or a beauty expert in Paris? Don’t let the cost of “Study Abroad” stop you from becoming beautiful in another country! Cosmetology scholarships could help you paint your future all over the world. Get your study abroad ticket ready, because you’re going to beauty greatness! Here is the list of Cosmetology Scholarships for Indian Students along with its eligibility and important dates.

Scholarship Name Cosmetology
SpecializationsTake care of skin, hair, and nails.
For StudentsIndian
Grade LevelAll Grade Level
Academic year2024

List of Cometology Scholarships for Indian Students

There is a wide variety of cosmetology scholarships available for many universities, including several sorts of entrance scholarships as well as scholarships for Indian students who are already enrolled or who are returning to pursue their higher education. Take a look at the table that follows for a comprehensive listing of these cosmetology scholarships, along with the amount of the reward.

Scholarship Name Amount
Minerva Beauty Cosmetology Scholarship$1000
APWU Vocational Scholarship Program$3000
Oregon Barber And Hairdresser Grant Program $1000
Clubs of America Scholarship Award For Career Sucess$1000
Winger Leyes Endowment Scholarship$1000
Ultra Beauty Scholarship$5000
Cal Grant C$9027
Michigan Tuition Grant$2800
Washington American Indian Endowed Scholarship$30000
Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship$1500

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How to Apply For Cosmetology Scholarships for Indian Students

You want to work as a cosmetologist abroad, but you don’t have enough money to make your dreams come true. Do not worry, would be a beauty expert! Here are the steps that a candidate must follow to apply for Cosmetology scholarships.

  • To learn about the cosmetology scholarships, check out their official website.
  • The next step is to go to the page that is associated with the scholarships mentioned previously.
  • You will be redirected to a new page that contains information about the available scholarships.
  • The “Apply Here” link should be clicked once you have selected the specific scholarship for which you desire to apply.

Eligibility Criteria for Cosmetology Scholarships for Indian Students

Figuring out the eligibility requirements for qualifying can be like reading text! No problem, aspirants who want to become cosmetologists! The following information will explain the most common needs in easy-to-understand steps, giving you the keys to the financial treasure box you’ll need for study abroad.

  • Indian Citizenship: Most Scholarships for Indian students studying abroad require you to be an Indian citizen.
  • Academic Aptitude: Many scholarships demand good academic performance, often with minimum GPA requirements.
  • Age Restriction: Some scholarships have specific age brackets for eligibility. Check carefully to ensure you fit the appropriate age.
  • English Language Proficiency: TOEFL or IELTS scores may be required for universities and scholarships in English-speaking countries.

Spotlight on Cosmetology

  • Area of Interest: Be specific about your cosmetology focus like makeup, hair, skincare, etc. as some scholarships target certain fields.
  • Portfolio: Showcase your talent and passion! Some Cosmetology scholarships may require portfolios of your work.
  • Competitive Spirit: Certain scholarships involve competitions or skill demonstrations.
  • Financial need: Some scholarships prioritize students facing financial challenges. Be prepared to provide evidence of your financial circumstances if applicable.

Important Dates for Cosmetology Scholarships for Indian Students

Keep an eye on the essential dates for applying for Cosmetology scholarships so that you can submit your application early and ensure that you are qualified for the scholarships.

Minerva Beauty Cosmetology ScholarshipMay 31st
APWU Vocational Scholarship ProgramMay 31st
Oregon Barber And Hairdresser Grant Program February 01
Clubs of America Scholarship Award For Career SucessAugust 31st
Winger Leyes Endowment ScholarshipFebruary 01
Ultra Beauty Scholarship
Cal Grant C
Michigan Tuition GrantMarch 01
Washington American Indian Endowed ScholarshipMarch 01
Joe Francis Haircare ScholarshipJune 01


Do I need good grades to apply for Cosmetology scholarships?

Yes, academic success is often a key necessity. Focus on getting good grades and highlighting your academic success in your applications.

Can I study cosmetology anywhere in the world?

It depends! Some scholarships are region-specific, while others offer more flexibility. Research scholarships relevant to your target country and program.

What happens if I don’t speak the local language?

Many universities offer cosmetology programs in English-speaking countries. Some scholarships may require English language proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS.

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