Study Abroad: University of Reading Tops in People & Planet University League Table

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Study Abroad: University of Reading Featured on Top in People & Planet University League Table

Once again the People & Planet University League Table is here, and this time the University of Reading has made its place at the top. People & Planet University League assess various universities in the UK for their environmental and ethical performance. 


The university releases various lists of universities based on their performance. In these lists, universities are classified as 1st class universities, 2:1 class universities, 2:2 class universities, 3rd class universities and failed universities. 

The People & Planet University League Table for the year 2023-2024 for 1st class universities in UK is given below. 

1st Rank Universities in the People & Planet University League Table

Score Analysis of the University of Reading  

The University of Reading has scored the top position in the list of University League Table by maintaining high standards in the various factors that People & Planet considers for ranking universities in different categories. The university has outperformed in 14 different categories and these factors led to the position of the university at the top. 

Environmental Policy 80%
Auditing and EMS100%
Carbon Management 85%
Sustainable food 100%
Ethical Investment79%
Ethical Career 22%
Sustainability Staff 100%
Worker’s Rights55%
Engagement 90%
Education 100%
Energy Sources81%
Waste and Recycling 63%
Carbon Reduction 90%
Water Reduction 61%

In factors such as Auditing and EMS, Sustainable food, Sustainability Staff, and Education, the university has scored 100% which is a major win. It has also got a great 90% score in Carbon Reduction and Engagement. 

The lowest score seen in the performance of the University of Reading is in Ethical Careers which is 22%. It was this year’s performance and the universities always keep striving for excellence in all these factors. 

Therefore, let’s see which university makes it to the top in the next year. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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