Know Several Express Entry Visa Rejection Reasons Before Applying For A Visa

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Express Entry Visa Rejection Reasons

Express Entry Visa Rejection Reasons: An express entry visa is a visa that is used by skilled workers who want to live in Canada permanently. The skilled workers seeking a job in Canada put in the visa application. It is not always that the application gets accepted. There are some cases where the visa application also gets rejected. This leads to a disruption in the process of the applicant. Let’s ask what are the reasons that cause the visa application to get rejected and how can you avoid it. Read the blog to the end to know the express entry visa rejection reasons.

What Is An Express Entry Visa?

The Individuals looking for a permanent settlement in Canada for work go for an Express Entry visa. This visa allows skilled individuals to enter the country and apply for a permanent resident permit. This visa uses a point-based system to decide if the individual must be allowed to move to Canada or not based on all the details that the individual provides in the application. The selection of candidates for this visa is done on an every two-week basis and the selected individuals are issued the permanent residence invitation. 

The visa is popular because it is one of the best ways to get permanent residence in Canada, it does not require the applicant to have a job, it makes your selection probability high, the time of processing reduces significantly compared to other visas and the success rate is high for the visa.

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Various Express Entry Visa Rejection Reasons

The following are some of the Express Entry Visa Rejection Reasons that you must take note of:

Express Entry Visa Rejection Reasons

Documentation Issue

One of the most common reasons for a visa rejection is the inability to submit the required document. If the documents that are required are not provided, are in the wrong order, the format is not supported, the language is not translated, the documents are incomplete, or the documents are forged, it will all lead to the rejection of the visa application. It is important to make a document checklist and submit the documents as per the requirements and in original and real stature to avoid the rejection of the visa. 

Delayed Application

It is very important to note that the express entry visa only accepts the visa for a fixed duration of time. You will be receiving the invitation and 60 days in which you will be required to submit the application. If the application is submitted after the stipulated time then the visa application will be rejected. Make sure you follow the deadline because no extensions are provided.

Unable to Meet the Criteria

When the individual is checked if they are eligible for the visa, several factors are taken into consideration age, experience, education, language, etc. These factors are used to derive a CRS score. If the individual’s profile does not meet the required minimum score, the visa application gets rejected. 

Fewer Finances

When the visa application is made, the proof of availability of the finances is asked and you must have the minimum required finances with you to be able to sustain yourself in the country. The minimum amount is set by the country. If the person fails to show the availability of enough financial resources, the application is cancelled. 

Unauthentic Information

A lot of information is asked for the visa application, all this information is not just viewed but verified. If any of the information that you have provided is found to be false or unauthentic, the visa application is cancelled and a rejection is sent. To avoid this, make sure you provide true information and correct documents. 

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Not Meeting Health Requirements

If the applicant is suffering from any condition that can be hazardous to others or the basic health test reports are not fine and there is some sort of health condition that is restricted in the country then the visa application does not consider such candidates and the application is cancelled. 

Error in Procedure

It is important to pay attention when the visa application is being made. There are chances that some steps can be missed or done incorrectly. You might have forgotten to close some window, paid the application fee wrong, there might have been some technical issue, etc. Any error in the application can also lead to rejection of the visa application. Make sure you fill in the application carefully and in the stipulated time frame.

Omission of Information

Suppose you have some information regarding your previous visa, criminal records, education, or anything similar. All this information needs to be provided when the application is made. If any information is omitted, there are chances that the visa application may get rejected. Make sure you provide all the information transparently. 

What Happens in the Case of Express Entry Visa Rejection?

Here is what to do if a visa gets rejected. If because of any of the reasons the visa application gets cancelled and you feel like you can correct it, then the application can be made again. However, the application cannot be made from the previous profile. You can get the corrections done and make a new applicant profile. Make sure while making a new application you do not make the same mistake. However, there is no limit for application resubmission and no fee is charged either.

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Re-application Process After Visa Denial

Express Entry Visa Rejection Reasons

The following is the application process for the resubmission of the rejected visa:

  • Compile all the documents that are required for the visa application
  • Make sure you meet the CRS score if not then make improvements to your profile
  • Make a new application on the official site of the country
  • Follow the required steps and make sure to put in the visa within the correct time frame when the visa is accepted
  • Submit the documents that are asked for systematically
  • Make the application fee and apply.


Can a visa application for an Express entry visa be rejected?

The application for an express entry visa can get rejected if the application has certain flaws like incorrect timing of application, wrong documents, incomplete documents, not meeting eligibility requirements, etc.

Can the rejected express entry application be reapplied?

If your application gets rejected, it can be reapplied through a new application and not the current rejected application. You will have to do the complete application from the start.

What is the time frame for an express entry visa application?

The express entry visa application must be made within 60 days from the date of your receiving the invitation. If the application is made after the deadline, it will automatically be rejected. 

We hope you understand everything about the Express Entry Visa Rejection Reasons. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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