What is the Full Form of BDS?

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what is the full form of bds

The full form of BDS is Bachelor of Dental Surgery. It is an undergraduate degree programme that is one of the most sought-after courses after MBBS in the field of medicine. Including internship, the duration of this programme can last up to 5-6 years. For students planning to study BDS abroad, the exact duration of the degree depends on the country and the university. Some of the core subjects of the course programme include General and Dental Pharmacology, Preclinical Conservative Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Dental Therapeutics, and General Pathology. 

Name of Course BDS 
Full Form Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Course Level Undergraduate 
Eligibility A minimum percentage of 50 in PCB in Class 12
Jobs Dental Research Scientists, Dentist, etc.

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Why Choose BDS?

  • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) programs provide students with great employment prospects.
  • BDS graduates help people’s oral health by providing them with the necessary dental treatment.
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degrees provide a solid profession with numerous prospects in the private and government or public sectors. BDS graduates can also work in academia as professors or lecturers in medical schools.
  • BDS graduates with the necessary accreditation provide anaesthetic to soothe the patient and avoid acute pain during tooth extraction.
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery graduates are typically given the option to work in dental clinics and undertake all of these jobs. They can work full-time in a hospital or run their own dentistry clinics.

Eligibility Criteria

  • For enrollment in BDS in Class XII with NEET qualification, the minimum necessary percentage is 50%.
  • Students must pass Chemistry, Physics, and Biology with at least 50% marks.

Admission Process

  • Because class XII results are also considered when applying to dental schools, they should be higher than 85%.
  • To perform well in the NEET exam, advanced topic knowledge is essential, particularly in the sciences.
  • To continue with the admissions process through counselling at the institution of their choosing, candidates must reach the cut-off scores imposed by many prestigious universities.
  • You should be prepared for those sessions because the NEET counselling sessions will consist of three rounds.

Top Global Universities for BDS 

Planning to pursue BDS abroad? The universities below are some of the top options for students. 

Name of University QS World University Rankings 2024
University of Queensland43
University of Adelaide89
James Cook University=415
Charles Sturt University801-850
University of Liverpool=176

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Skills Required for BDS

Candidates interested in pursuing a BDS degree must have particular capabilities. Students who complete the BDS degree program will need the following skill sets to advance in their careers:

Communication SkillsPhysical Strength
Critical ThinkingAttention to Detail

Books are the best references to support you in your study of medicine, such as BDS. Shared below are some of the best books for students of BDS. 

Name of the Book Name of the Author 
Human Physiology for BDS Students 1st EditionA.K.Jain
Functional Histology, Churchill Livingstone, Edition 2Weather, Burkitt and Daniels
Essentials of Physiology for Dental Students 2nd Edition, 2016Sembulingam
Phillips Science of Dental Materials 10th EditionKenneth J. Anusavice

BDS Jobs & Salaries

Graduates with a BDS degree have a wide range of career and work alternatives available to them. However, not all graduates immediately begin working and earning money. Some of them choose to further their education in the field of dentistry sciences.

Job ProfileAverage Salary
DentistINR 3.5 – 4.5 lacs
ResearcherINR 3 lacs
LecturerINR 5 lacs
Dental Officer at Indian Defense Services ( Army, Navy, Air Force)INR 9 lacs
Dentist in Indian RailwaysINR 7.2 lacs
Territorial Army OfficerINR 10 lacs

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