What is Vocabulary Building: Types and Tiers

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What is Vocabulary Building?

What is Vocabulary Building and how can one incorporate this skill from an early age is a basic question which everyone goes through. Well, worry not as you have come to the right place as we have all the answers. Vocabulary is an essential skill which makes the sentences. One must have a strong hold on the words which they use as there’s a saying: “Words can break or make a person.” To help you with this we have compiled this blog post which has topics such as vocabulary-building skills, types of vocabulary and how it is important in enhancing your English grammar and much more. 

What is Vocabulary Building?

For all those unaware, vocabulary is a set of unfamiliar words that a person needs to learn to form constructive sentences. This is an essential tool for all the students as it helps in communication and expands their knowledge. To be able to use vocabulary effectively in your daily life, one must learn these vocabulary-building skills which will enhance them. Moving ahead, we will talk about what are vocabulary building skills and how one can use them. 

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What are Vocabulary-Building Skills?

Vocabulary-building skills are one of the major skills which a child must develop in their growing years. This can be done by going through the right and authentic books, reading materials, and research materials to excel in this field. One of the best ways is, to see a new word, research it and then use it in writing, speaking etc. 

By now you must be aware of what vocabulary building is and how can one incorporate or learn this skill. Well, you have come to the right place. Below are all the ways one can learn how to incorporate vocabulary-building skills and use to in daily life. 

  • Teachers should start teaching students what synonyms, antonyms and other basic words at a very young age. 
  • Next, children should be taught root words, suffixes, and prefixes which will help them later on in the construction of sentences.
  • One should always keep a thesaurus and dictionary which is another great way to learn new words and expand your vocabulary. 

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Tiers of Vocabulary

There are three tiers of vocabulary which everyone must be aware of. Check out the list below to understand all these tiers. 

Basic Vocabulary

Under this tier, words which are basic and simple come that are used in building a child’s vocabulary. Other than these, words like early reading words, tricky words, nouns, adjectives and verbs are also covered. All these words typically have a single meaning. 

High-Frequency Vocabulary

This tier is also known as the multiple-meaning vocabulary tier as it covers words which have more than one meaning. Keep in mind, that these words are essential for one to learn as they are important for reading comprehension. These words are also used for direct instructions and can be descriptive at the same time.

Low-Frequency Vocabulary

This tier includes words that are only used for a particular topic, so they are known as topic vocabulary. Under this category, a student’s vocabulary encompasses words like the weather or geography. 

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What is Vocabulary Building: Know about Types of Vocabulary

Now that we have proper knowledge of all the different tiers of vocabularies, let’s understand the different vocabularies which one must be aware of. 


Under this category, the speaking vocabulary consists of the words which we can speak aloud. It includes around 5000 to 10,000 words which can be easily used for communicating and giving instructions. Furthermore, they are also used for giving instructions and having conversations.


What we write is determined by the words we can spell and use correctly in context. Usually, people have a smaller writing vocabulary as compared to their speaking or listening vocabulary, which is very important for those who are working. One should never stop learning new words and expanding their vocabulary. 


Reading is one of the best ways to improve one’s vocabulary which in turn helps in constructing sentences. For all those unaware, reading vocabulary is how many words one can understand at the time of reading. As one reads, they encounter many new words which they must keep a note of and dive deeper and understand the meaning to use later on. 


Listening vocabulary includes all the words that one hears daily, similar to what is in speaking vocabulary. One needs to learn new words daily which in turn will help them to communicate easily with one another easily. 

Did you know that a fetus starts recognising several words when in the womb? This is when one’s listening vocabulary starts to develop. 

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What is Vocabulary Building: Significance

Vocabulary is one of the basic steps which one needs to encounter which in turn helps them to start constructing interesting sentences. This is acquired through various ways some of which we have already discussed above. 

With the help of an excellent vocabulary, one can easily understand words while reading, communicate effectively or write compelling sentences to capture anyone’s attention. Speaking of reading, it is also one of the best ways to learn and expand your vocabulary. The more a person reads, the more their vocabulary will grow. A child still in his/their/her early stages should be exposed to the right set of reading materials to help him/them/her increase his vocabulary. 

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What is the meaning of vocabulary building?

Vocabulary is a building block for learning any new language. The more words anyone knows the more the better they can create new sentences. For this, one must acquire skills like learning to read, having a dictionary etc.

What are examples of vocabulary-building skills?

One major example of vocabulary building is frequently reading both in and outside of the classroom. This will help strengthen their vocabulary and help them communicate with one another. 

What are vocabulary exercises?

Vocabulary exercises are activities focussed on understanding and memorizing vocabulary words every day.

This blog post was all about what is vocabulary building. We hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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