11+ Antonyms of Corpulent, Meaning and Examples 

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The antonyms of “corpulent” are Thin, Slender, Lean, Slim or Svelte. To make an impression and get well-versed in vocabulary one should know at least a few antonyms of general words like “corpulent.”

“Corpulent” is a word that is regularly used in general day-to-day communication. We come across this word at least once a day. Not just this we also use its antonyms quite frequently.

Meaning of Corpulent 

“Corpulent” is a word that is used in everyday conversation. However, to make things simpler for you we will explain the meaning of this word in short.

“Corpulent” means excessively overweight or obese, often describing someone who is excessively fat or has a large and heavy body.

9+ Opposites of Corpulent  

Mentioned below are some words that can be used as antonyms to the word corpulent: 

  • Thin
  • Slender
  • Lean
  • Slim
  • Svelte
  • Skinny
  • Gaunt
  • Emaciated
  • Trim
  • Underweight

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Usage with Examples 

Given below are some examples of how the antonyms of “corpulent” can be used in a sentence:

  1. Thin
    • Example: She has always been naturally thin and finds it hard to gain weight.
  2. Slender
    • Example: The model’s slender figure is often admired in the fashion industry.
  3. Lean
    • Example: He maintains a lean physique through regular exercise and a balanced diet.
  4. Slim
    • Example: After months of dedication, he achieved his goal of becoming slim and fit.
  5. Svelte
    • Example: The actress looked incredibly svelte in her elegant gown on the red carpet.
  6. Skinny
    • Example: Some people are naturally skinny, no matter how much they eat.
  7. Gaunt
    • Example: After an illness, he appeared gaunt and frail, but he was on the road to recovery.
  8. Emaciated
    • Example: The rescue team found an emaciated dog in need of immediate care and nourishment.
  9. Trim
    • Example: The fitness trainer helped her achieve a trim and toned physique.
  10. Underweight
    • Example: The doctor was concerned because the patient was significantly underweight for their age and height.

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Antonyms of Corpulent Quiz

After a period of illness, she looked gaunt and frail, but she is working on regaining her __________ figure.

a) Thin b) Chubby c) Voluptuous

Answer: (A)

He used to be quite corpulent, but he has successfully achieved a trim and healthy physique.

a) Obese b) Skinny c) Lean

Answer: (C)

This was all about the antonym of “corpulent” meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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