9+ Synonyms of Fascinating, Meaning, Examples, Quizzes

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Synonyms of fascinating include words like compelling, riveting, alluring, charismatic, exciting, gripping, etc. In this blog, we have discussed synonyms of fascinating with their meaning and much more!

Synonyms of Fascinating

Here is a list of synonyms for “fascinating”:

  1. Captivating
  2. Engrossing
  3. Intriguing
  4. Compelling
  5. Enthralling
  6. Gripping
  7. Absorbing
  8. Mesmerizing
  9. Riveting
  10. Spellbinding
  11. Alluring
  12. Charismatic
  13. Bewitching
  14. Entrancing
  15. Exciting
  16. Compulsive
  17. Enchanting
  18. Delightful
  19. Stimulating
  20. Transfixing

These words can be used to describe something that is extremely interesting, captivating, or engaging.

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Meaning of Fascinating

The word “fascinating” is an adjective that describes something as extremely interesting, captivating, or engrossing. When something is fascinating, it has the power to hold your attention, arouse your curiosity, and provoke a sense of wonder.

It implies that the subject or experience in question is so compelling that it draws you in and engages your intellect or emotions. Fascination often arises when something is unique, mysterious, or has qualities that are intriguing and noteworthy.

Synonyms of Fascinating Usage With Examples

Here are synonyms for “fascinating” along with example sentences:

The artist’s captivating use of color made the painting truly stunning.
The novel was so engrossing that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.
The detective found an intriguing clue that could solve the mystery.
Her speech was so compelling that the audience hung on her every word.
The documentary about space exploration was utterly enthralling.
The movie’s suspenseful plot made it a gripping thriller.
The history book was so absorbing that I lost track of time while reading it.

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Antonyms and Opposite Words of Fascinating

Here’s a list of antonyms and opposite words for “fascinating”:

  1. Uninteresting
  2. Boring
  3. Dull
  4. Tedious
  5. Monotonous
  6. Unexciting
  7. Tiresome
  8. Repellent
  9. Uninspiring
  10. Unattractive
  11. Lackluster
  12. Repulsive
  13. Disinteresting
  14. Insipid
  15. Unremarkable
  16. Commonplace
  17. Mundane
  18. Tame
  19. Predictable
  20. Plain

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Synonyms of Fascinating Quiz

Pick the correct word of fascinating synonyms from the options given below:

  • Understand
  • Intriguing
  • Monotonous

Answer: Intriguing

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This was all about the synonyms of fascinating meanings and examples. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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