Idioms for Busy: Top 9 Idioms for Busy That You Should Know!

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One may simply communicate their thoughts or expression by using “idioms” to spice up their language. However, depending on the context/situation, idioms can have several usages and meanings, thus it’s crucial to understand the scenario before utilising them. Idioms for busy are provided in the list below for your convenience. Let’s explore!

Swamped with Work

Meaning: Overwhelmed or very busy with a lot of tasks or responsibilities.

Example: “I can’t meet for lunch today; I’m swamped with work deadlines.”

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In the Thick of It

Meaning: Deeply involved in a busy or challenging situation.

Example: “She’s in the thick of it, managing the event’s logistics.”

Juggling a Lot of Balls

Meaning: Trying to manage or handle multiple tasks or responsibilities simultaneously.

Example: “Between work, family, and volunteering, she’s always juggling a lot of balls.”

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Running Around like a Headless Chicken

Meaning: Acting frenzied or chaotic due to being extremely busy.

Example: “He’s been running around like a headless chicken since morning, trying to prepare for the meeting.”

Stretched Thin

Meaning: Overextended or having too many tasks to handle effectively.

Example: “The team is stretched thin with multiple projects running simultaneously.”

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All Hands on Deck

Meaning: Everyone is needed and actively working to address a situation.

Example: “We have a big event tomorrow, so it’s all hands on deck to set up the venue.”

Up to One’s Ears/Neck in Work

Meaning: Completely immersed and overwhelmed by a large workload.

Example: “Sorry, I can’t help right now; I’m up to my ears in work.”

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Racing Against the Clock

Meaning: Working quickly and urgently to complete a task before a deadline.

Example: “They’re racing against the clock to finish the project by the end of the week.”

Like a Bee in a Bonnet

Meaning: Very busy and active, often with a sense of urgency.

Example: “Ever since she got the news, she’s been moving like a bee in a bonnet to get everything ready.”

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