Uncover 8 Types of Prepositions with Examples & Exercises

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8 Types of Prepositions with Examples

8 Types of Prepositions with Examples: Prepositions are a great way to enhance any sentence in the English vocabulary. A simple definition of a preposition is, a connecting word that establishes a relationship between various parts of the sentence. Without the proper usage of prepositions, the sentences can be very confusing to understand. Did you know eight types of prepositions are part of English grammar? If you wish to learn more about prepositions then continue reading the 8 types of prepositions with examples that can be used in sentences. 

Meaning of Preposition

A preposition is a phrase in sentences which shows the relationship between nouns, phrases and pronouns. They all have their parts within the respective sentences. For all those who don’t know, prepositions are usually placed in the latter part of the sentence but before a noun or pronoun. 

Here are some examples of a preposition which will give you an idea of the same:’

  1. I should rewrite the introduction of my essay.
  2. Marie ate lunch with her boss.
  3. We will be cooking for ten guests tomorrow.
  4. James left his coat in the car.

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8 Types of Prepositions with Examples

There are namely 8 types of prepositions with examples that can be used in sentences. Here is the list of prepositions that can be used. 

Preposition of Place

Prepositions of place indicate the position or location of a place. The three most common prepositions that come under this are in, at and on.

Example: The cup is kept on the kitchen table.

                She liked the mugs kept on the counter

Preposition of Time ⏳

This usually indicates when something has happened, or will happen in the future. Sentences usually include prepositions like before, during, at, on, in and after.

Example: James was born on September 20, 2008.

                Andrew was born after his brother Tommy.

Preposition of Movement 🧑‍🦯

The preposition of Movement indicates the direction or destination towards which something is going. This preposition includes word like ‘to’.

Example: Jenny went to London last year.

                Dad went to the park to play basketball with his children. 

Preposition of Measure 🏋️

Prepositions of manner refer to indicate the quantity of something with someone. These prepositions include of and by.

Example: He is a coworker of mine.

                His wife was sitting by him. 

Preposition of Source 🌐

The preposition of source refers to indicating something or someone that has originated from something or someone. This preposition uses words from and by.

Example: Jamie receives money from her mother every month. 

                This note was written by his sister.

Preposition of Possession 🔏

The preposition of possession indicates when something or someone is owned by someone or something. These prepositions include to, of and with.

Example: This is the property of my late grandmother.

                 Her sister is with his mother.

                 We’re going to Thailand next week.

Preposition of Manner 🚏

Prepositions of manner describe the way things happen. These prepositions include words like, with, like, on, in and by.

Example: The children go to school by the bus.

                The young boy sang like a professional singer.

                The man reacted with anger when confronted by his parents.

Preposition of Agent of Instrument 🤝

The last preposition indicates actions conducted on something or someone by something or someone. These prepositions include with and by in sentences.

Examples: Please leave it with me, she shouted.

                  It’s OK by me.

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Types of Preposition

In the below image, types of prepositions are depicted which students can refer to:

Credits: Grammar Media

Exercise on Prepositions 

Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions.

  1. I know Tom ___ he was a little boy. (for/since)
  2. The cat jumped __ the bed. (on/in)
  3. The boy __ the store is quite young. (at/on)
  4. I met Suhana when I was __ college. (in/on)
  5. Humpty Dumpty sat __ a wall. (on/at)

Check Your Answers:

  1. Since
  2. On
  3. At
  4. In
  5. On

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What are the 8 types of prepositions?

The 8 types of prepositions include: Prepositions of manner, source, time, place, movement, possession, agent of instrument, and measure.

What are prepositions in grammar?

Prepositions are a group of words that are used to link pronouns, nouns and phrases to other words in a sentence.

Where do prepositions come in a sentence?

In a sentence, the preposition comes directly before the words or phrases which is related to the object of the preposition.

How many types of prepositions with sentences are there?

There are a total of eight types of prepositions with sentences such as place, time, movement, source, possession, manner, measure and preposition of an agent of the instrument.

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