25 Examples of Abstract Nouns in Sentences

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Have you ever wondered what gives language its soul and allows us to express concepts beyond the physical world? Enter the fascinating realm of abstract nouns! These linguistic chameleons represent ideas, qualities, and emotions, adding depth and nuance to our communication. But how do you use them effectively? Let’s hop on and explore some very fascinating examples of abstract nouns in sentences in a way to master the usage of abstract nouns in English grammar.

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List of 9 Abstract Noun Examples to Use in Sentences

Before going through the examples of abstract nouns below, you need to note that they refer to intangible concepts, qualities, or states that cannot be received through the five senses. Unlike concrete nouns, which represent physical objects that can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, or smelled, abstract nouns represent ideas, emotions, feelings, or qualities that exist in the mind or the realm of thought.

Now take a look at the following examples for better understanding and usage: 

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15+ Examples of Abstract Nouns in Sentences

A mere observation of the abstract noun words will not suffice your need to be as proficient as a native speaker. So, make sure to check out these examples of abstract nouns in sentences henceforth.

S.No.State/AttributeExample Sentences
1.EmotionHope blossomed in her heart as she received the news.
2.AbilityCreativity flowed freely as the artist painted their masterpiece.
3. ConceptJustice prevailed in the courtroom, bringing closure to the victim.
4.QualityWisdom shone through her words, offering guidance to the young listener.
5.Subjective ConceptBeauty is not always defined by outward appearances but by the essence within.
6.RelationshipFriendship offered solace and support during her time of need.
7. Acquisition of informationKnowledge is power, empowering individuals to make informed decisions.
8.Strong EmotionLove transcended all boundaries, uniting them in a deep connection.
9.Strong DesireAmbition fueled his drive to achieve his goals, never giving up on his dreams.
10.Mental StateHappiness radiated from her smile, contagious and warming the hearts of those around her.
11.Desire for KnowledgeCuriosity sparked her exploration of the unknown, leading her to discoveries.
12.State of TranquillityPeace settled over the room as the tension subsided, a sense of calm prevailing.
13.State of IndependenceFreedom allowed her to express herself authentically, breaking free from societal constraints.
14.Abstract DimensionTime seemed to slow down as they relived cherished memories, moments etched in their hearts.
15.Art formMusic touched her soul, evoking a kaleidoscope of emotions with its harmonious notes.
16.Self-beliefConfidence empowered him to conquer his fears and take charge of his life.
17. EmotionEmpathy allowed her to connect with others on a deeper level, understanding their feelings and experiences.
18.Negative EmotionFear gripped his heart, paralyzing him with uncertainty.
19.BraveryCourage fueled her actions, enabling her to stand up for what she believed in.
20.Mental ImageImagination unlocked a world of possibilities, transporting her beyond the limits of reality.
21.DevotionLoyalty defined their bond, unshakeable through thick and thin.
22.ObligationThe responsibility weighed heavily on his shoulders, urging him to fulfil his commitments.
23.TruthfulnessHonesty was her guiding principle, ensuring integrity in her words and actions.
24.Strong EmotionThe passion ignited his enthusiasm, making him pour his heart and soul into his endeavours.
25.AppreciationGratitude filled her with warmth, appreciating the blessings in her life.

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Abstract Noun Quiz for Practice

Whenever you feel ready, test your knowledge of the above examples of abstract nouns in sentences through the following exercise.

Instructions: Identify the abstract noun in each sentence.

  1. The artist struggled to capture the essence of the dancer’s movement.
  2. The politician emphasized the importance of unity during the crisis.
  3. The students felt a surge of excitement as the results were announced.
  4. The author’s eloquence captivated the audience, transporting them to another world.
  5. Despite the obstacles, she remained determined to achieve her goal.
  6. The team celebrated their victory with loud cheers and laughter.
  7. He offered her a heartfelt apology, expressing his sincere regret.
  8. The aroma of freshly baked bread filled the kitchen with a sense of comfort.
  9. The scientist dedicated their research to uncovering the truth behind the phenomenon.
  10. The children learned the value of responsibility through caring for their pets.

Check Your Answers Here!

  1. Essence
  2. Importance
  3. Excitement
  4. Eloquence
  5. Obstacles
  6. Cheers
  7. Regret
  8. Comfort
  9. Truth
  10. Responsibility

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This was all about the examples of abstract nouns in sentences. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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