Face Like a Wet Weekend Meaning, Examples, and Synonyms

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Face Like a Wet Weekend

The idiom “face like a wet weekend” is used to describe someone’s unhappy or gloomy facial expression. It implies that the person’s demeanour resembles the dull and dreary weather of a wet weekend, which can be rather disheartening.

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Usage with Examples

Here are a few examples of how this idiom can be used:

1. After receiving the disappointing news, she had a face like a wet weekend, unable to hide her sorrow.

2. Whenever he comes back from work, he wears a face like a wet weekend, indicating that his day didn’t go as planned.

3. The team’s defeat left their coach with a face like a wet weekend, clearly showing his frustration.

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Synonyms and Similar Words

Here are some synonyms and related phrases that convey a similar meaning to “face like a wet weekend”:

1. Long face

2. Sad countenance

3. Gloomy expression

4. Morose appearance

5. Sullen demeanor

Face Like a Wet Weekend Meaning Quiz

Complete the sentence to demonstrate the correct meaning of “face like a wet weekend”:

His constant failures have left him with a _____.

A. Happy smile

B. Face like a wet weekend

C. Radiant glow

Ans. B. Face like a wet weekend

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This was all about the idiom “face like a wet weekend,” its meaning, and examples. Hope you now understand the concept and its usage. For more engaging blogs on idioms and phrases, follow Leverage Edu.

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