At – Preposition Sentence Examples with Usage

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At – Preposition sentence examples: Prepositions are an important part of speech which can often become very confusing to understand. Out of all the various types of prepositions, the ‘at’ preposition is one of the most common as it is used in several phrases. The preposition ‘at’ shows the exact location or place where a particular object has been kept. It also refers to buildings, where someone is and what is happening. Continue reading this blog to learn more about ‘at’ preposition sentence examples. 

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How to Use ‘At’ Preposition in Sentences?

As mentioned above, the preposition ‘at’ is used in sentences to indicate multiple contexts such as location, time or direction. It can also be used in introducing a prepositional phrase while identifying an object in a sentence. Here are a few examples indicating how this preposition can be used. 

At Preposition examples

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At – Preposition Sentence Examples 

Below are some common examples of this preposition based on their use. 

At – Location

  • She is waiting at the bus stop.
  • We met at the cafe.

At- Time 

  • The meeting is scheduled at 4:00 PM.
  • We’ll see you at dinnertime.

At – Direction

  • He threw the ball at me.
  • She waved at the passing bus.

The examples of ‘at’ prepositions above are just a few ideas of how this word can be used in English grammar. One must note that all the prepositions used in English grammar have various uses depending on what context they are used. 

Prepositional Phrases Examples with ‘At’ 

Here are some examples of prepositional phrases with ‘at’ which you can use in your sentences.

At All

  • I don’t like meat at all.
  • He has no desire at all to live anymore.

At any rate

  • At any rate, we finished the exam on time.
  • You will be happy to get home after working all day, at any rate.

At first

  • At first, I didn’t enjoy living in New York.
  • At first, no one knew who Mary was in the town.

At last

  • At last, I reached home.
  • She’s glad, it is over at last.

At the end

  • At the end of his presentation, he asked if anyone had any questions. 
  • Everyone complimented Andrew on his hard work at the end of the day.

At – Preposition Sentence Examples Exercise

Rewrite the following sentences using the preposition ‘at’.

  1. She’s skilled in playing the piano.
  2. The train arrives on the platform.
  3. The restaurant is located on Main Street.
  4. He’s proficient in solving complex problems.
  5. They’re meeting in the park.
  6. She arrived in the airport.
  7. He’s waiting by the bus stop.
  8. They’re having lunch by the park.
  9. The party is on 7 PM.
  10. The cat is sleeping near the foot of the bed.

Check Your Answers

  1. She’s skilled at playing the piano.
  2. The train will arrive at the platform.
  3. The restaurant is located at Main Street.
  4. He’s proficient at solving complex problems.
  5. They’re meeting at the park. 
  6. She arrived at the airport.
  7. He’s waiting at the bus stop.
  8. They’re having lunch at the park.
  9. The party is at 7 PM.
  10. The cat is sleeping at the foot of the bed.

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What is an example of at?

The preposition ‘at’ can be used in various ways it can be used in telling the time or location 

What are 5 sentences of the word at?

Here are 5 sentences on the preposition that will give you an idea.
1. He is not at all in a hurry.
2. At any rate, today was no different.
3. She is smiling at him.
4. At ten years old, Jones was taller than his brother.
5. Jack is at school.

Can a sentence start with at?

Yes, a sentence can begin with the preposition at. Example: At this moment, I don’t have any cash. 

We hope this blog provided you with all the necessary information on at preposition. To advance your grammar knowledge and read more informative blogs, check out our Learn English page and don’t forget to follow Leverage Edu.

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