Over and Above Preposition Examples, Meaning & Usage

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Over and above preposition examples: Prepositions are a group of words that are commonly placed before nouns, pronouns or noun phrases. They are used to show location, direction, spatial relationships etc. These are part of the English vocabulary, meaning they are used in all sentences. These prepositions are also included in the various types of prepositions that are parts of speech. To know more about over and above prepositions, continue reading this blog post which will help you.

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Meaning of Over and Above

The word ‘over and above’ refers to a normal amount or more than that amount or in addition to it. More than this, it is an idiomatic expression that is used to describe beyond what is expected or already present. Keep in mind, that this could refer to various contexts, such as in discussions of costs, responsibilities, efforts, or benefits.

over and above preposition examples

What Type of Preposition is Over and Above?

‘Over and above’ are both prepositions and when used in phrases, they are used together to convey a sense of additional quantity or degree.

Usage of Preposition Over and Above with Examples

There are various uses of ‘over and above’ in a preposition. Here are some examples of this phrase.

Usage of ‘Over’

Spatial relationship:

  • The aeroplane flew over the mountains.
  • Please place the book over the shelf.

Superiority or dominance:

  • She triumphed over her competitors.
  • The new manager has authority over the entire department.

Usage of ‘Above’

Spatial relationship:

  • The bird soared above the clouds.
  • Hang the picture frame above the fireplace.

Higher level or position:

  • His intelligence is above average.
  • The temperature rose above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Usage of Over and Above (Combined Together)

  • He donated money over and above his usual contribution.
  • Her dedication to the project was over and above what was anticipated.

Difference Between Over and Above

Let’s understand the meaning of both these words to get a better understanding. 

Over Above
MeaningThis word is used to refer to something that can be found/placed at a higher level than the other, with no point of contact.It also means something that is placed on the surface of something else, covering partially or completely.The word has multiple meanings. 
It refers to something (could be an object or a person) from something/someone else.It also means at a higher cost, great importance, greater in level or something. 
UsageThe ‘over’ is used both as a preposition and an adverb.The ‘above’ is used both as a preposition and an adverb.
ExampleThe cat jumped over the table. We put cardboard over the nest.There is a crack in our window. The water is dripping from above. 

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What is an example of over and above preposition?

Here is an example of over and above preposition: A light hangs over/above the table. 

What is the preposition ‘over’?

The word ‘over’ is a preposition of quality or degree.

What is an example of over?

Here is an example of over: He knocked her over.

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