So Far So Good Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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So Far So Good Meaning

In our daily conversation, “so far, so good” is a commonly used idiomatic expression that means the results are satisfactory till now and a positive result from a situation till a particular period. 

This phrase originated from a book written by James Kelly i.e. Scottish Proverbs which was written in 1721. It was first in the sentence “ So far, so good. So much is done to good purpose”. 

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Usage With Examples

So far, so good is a very generally used Idiom in daily life. It is commonly used in a situation where there are two people involved and there is a conversation about any situation involved. 

Some of these examples are:

  1. Is everything with him fine?

Yes, so far so good. Let’s see how it goes further. 

  1. I started this business and everything is going so far so good. Let’s see how it goes further. 
  1. Do you like being an Engineer?

I know it’s been hard but it’s been so far so good. Let’s see how it goes further. 

  1. I learnt that you have adopted a pet. How is it going?

Yeah, it’s right. The training is still going but so far so good. 

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These are some of the related phrases that demonstrate the same meaning of so far so good idiom:

  1. All is going so well
  2. Slow but steady
  3. Slowly and surely
  4. Up to this point, all is ok
  5. It is alright so far

So Far So Good Meaning Quiz

What is the meaning of ‘so far, so good”?

The meaning of this idiom is:

  • The results are satisfactory till now.
  • Inability to complete.
  • The results are not satisfactory 
  • Inadequacy

The answer to this question is “the results are satisfactory till now”.

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This was all about the idiom so far so good meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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