By Hook or By Crook Idiom Meaning with Examples

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By hook or by crook Idiom is an expression used in English that means “by any means necessary,” implying that any means should be used to achieve a goal. When someone promises to do something by any means necessary, they mean it, even if it requires a lot of work or dishonest methods.

According to legend, it was common practise among wealthy landowners in mediaeval England to permit labourers and peasants to collect firewood from their woodlands. They could only collect wood which they could access with a hook (a reaper’s bill hook) or a shepherd’s crook, though.

Usage with Example

Given below are a few examples of the idiom:

  • The land cannot be purchased from the farmer. By Hook or By Crook, he is holding onto it.
  • I’ve never encountered a kid who was so resistant. He is not going to apologise for being mischievous By Hook or By Crook.
  • By Hook or By Crook, Ken is going to keep his previous banger of a car.
  • She was determined to recover from this condition by hook or by crook.
  • She ultimately decides that she will prevail over him by hook or by crook.

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By Hook or By Crook Synonyms and Similar Words

A few synonyms of the idiom are:

  • anyway
  • anywise
  • come what may
  • in some way
  • one way or another
  • after a fashion
  • somehow or other

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Meaning Quiz

Rehan resolves __________________for his project by hook or by crook.

  • to find the battery he needed 
  • Statement 
  • With Sara

Answer:  to find the battery he needed 

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