11+ Scary Halloween Idioms and Phrases to Celebrate this Season

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Halloween, the eeriest time of the year, is more than just costumes and candies. It infuses its own language, filled with mysterious idioms that add a spine-tingling touch to conversations. After all, idioms are more than just words; they are expressions that vividly capture the essence of the spooky season.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the sinister allure of Halloween idioms that will send chills down your spine.

List of Best Halloween Idioms and Expressions

Just when the Halloween clock is ticking and the celebration is about to get spooky, you can scare your friends out with the following idioms. They sure are funny but can be petrifying at times.

S.No. Halloween IdiomsMeaning
1Ghost SomeoneTo ignore or avoid someone completely.
2Give someone chillsTo make someone feel scared or uneasy.
3Have skeletons in your closetTo have embarrassing or shameful secrets.
4Let the cat out of the bagTo reveal a secret or surprise.
5Over my dead bodyUsed to express strong opposition to something.
6Pale as a ghostVery pale, especially because of fear or illness.
7SpookedExtremely frightening.
8Send shivers down your spineTo make someone feel scared or uneasy.
9Under a spellBehaving in a strange or unusual way,
as if you are under the influence of magic.

5 More Halloween Idioms to Scare People

Since Halloween is all about being sinister to your friends, so, let’s look at these common idioms that will help you scare the hell out of your buddies. However, you might need to pacify them with a happy idiom later on.

1. Skeletons in the Closet

This idiomatic phrase refers to someone’s hidden secrets or embarrassing truths.

Example: When the politician’s scandal was exposed, it revealed the skeletons in his closet.

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2. Witching Hour

The phrase witching hour refers to the late night hours, especially at midnight, when supernatural events are believed to occur.

Example: They claimed to have seen strange occurrences during the witching hour last night.

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3. Scream Bloody Murder

The idiom ‘Scream bloody murder’ refers to a loud and terrifying scream, often in response to extreme fear or pain.

Example: As the haunted house’s door slammed shut, she let out a blood-curdling scream, crying bloody murder.

4. Bite the Dust

Bite the dust is suitable to refer to someone or something dying or failing.

Example: The competitor’s hopes to win the race bit the dust when he stumbled on the final lap.

5. Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift is like working during the late night or early morning hours.

Example: Nurses often work the graveyard shift at hospitals to ensure round-the-clock care.

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This was all about Idioms for Halloween and their meanings. Hopefully, next time you’re weaving tales of the supernatural or describing mysterious occurrences, don’t forget to sprinkle in these ghastly idioms to give your stories an extra thrill. To read more about idioms you can check our page at Leverage Edu.

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