What is the Abstract Noun of Explain? Check Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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The abstract noun of explain is ‘explanation’, which refers to a statement or account that makes something clear. Whereas, the word explain is a verb, commanding a person to elaborate on any particular situation. The synonyms of explanation can be clarification, interpretation, description, justification, and many more. 

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Abstract Noun of Explain – Meaning

As discussed above the verb explain becomes ‘explanation’ after adding a suffix ‘–ation’ to form a noun. It is the process of providing information, reasons, or context that helps others understand a concept, event, or idea. The word derives from the Latin term “explanatio,” which means “an explaining or unfolding.” The root “explanare” combines “ex-” (out) and “planare” (to make plain), indicating the act of making something understandable.

For example

  • “Her explanation of the rules helped everyone understand what to do.”
  • “His explanation of the data was different from the initial report.”

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11+ Synonyms of Explain as Noun 

Now, go through the table below to find different synonyms for ‘explanation’ that can improve your writing skills and expression. 

Noun for explanation
Synonyms of HappySynonyms of Humble
Synonyms of EnvironmentSynonyms of Easy
Synonyms of HouseholdSynonyms of Awkward

Example Sentences for Noun of Explain

Here, you will get to see how the verb ‘explain’ and its synonyms can be used in different English sentences as a noun:

  1. The professor’s elucidation of the complex theory made it accessible to students.
  2. The witness gave a vivid description of the event.
  3. She provided a strong justification for her choice to change careers.
  4. The book begins with a thorough exposition of the author’s main concepts.
  5. The explanation behind the new policy was clearly explained in the memo.

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Noun Quiz

Now that you have come this far in learning the verb explain as a noun, make sure to test your knowledge of the word through the following exercises:

Q.1 The teacher provided a clear _______ of the scientific concept.

A. explain 

B. explained

C. explaining

D. explanation

Q.2 I can’t _______  his sudden change in behavior.

A. explain 

B. explained

C. explaining

D. explanation 

Answer Key

Q.1. A. explain

Q.2. B. explained

Source: Egrammatics
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This was all about the noun form of explain and its meanings and examples. Hopefully, you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs on Learn English.

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