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adverb of Fluently

Adverbs of Fluently: The word “fluently” is an adverb. It is derived from the adjective “fluent”.  The word “fluently” signifies the idea of proficiency and ease in performing a particular skill or activity. It also describes the smooth and flowing expression of speech. Some common synonyms of adverbs fluently are easily, smoothly, effortlessly, and proficiently, etc. Continue reading the blog post below and learn more about adverbs of fluently with their synonyms and multiple examples.

Adverb of Fluently

The adverb “fluently” is used to describe how someone speaks, reads, or performs a particular activity with ease, smoothness, and skill. For example, She speaks English fluently. The adverbs fluently comes under the category of adverb of manner.

Here fluently denotes that she can speak the language easily and proficiently. Another example, ‘She plays the guitar fluently.’ Here, fluently indicates a high level of skill and smooth execution of playing a guitar.

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15 Synonyms of Adverb Fluently

Here is the list of synonyms of fluently that can be learned by the students to expand their vocabulary in English. Students can use these words instead of fluently in the sentence to make it more effective.

  1. Easily
  2. Smoothly
  3. Effortlessly
  4. Proficiently
  5. Articulately
  6. Skilfully
  7. Gracefully
  8. Efficiently
  9. Masterfully
  10. Capably
  11. Adeptly
  12. Expertly
  13. Adroitly
  14. Nimbly
  15. Mellifluently

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Picture for Adverb Fluently

The below picture reflects the synonyms of fluently that students can memorize and download for their future usage.

Examples of Adverbs Fluently

Let us understand and master the usage of adverbs of fluently with the help of the following examples.

  • Maria speaks Spanish fluently and effortlessly.
  • After years of practice, the pianist played the intricate piece fluently.
  • Alex communicated his ideas fluently during the business meeting.
  • Despite being a non-native speaker, James writes English fluently.
  • The computer programmer navigated through complex code fluently.

Adverb Quiz for Fluently

As you know all about the adverb fluently, it is time to solve the following quiz based on the adverbs of fluently.

     1. She spoke French _______.

           a) Fluent

           b) Fluently

           c) Fluency

           d) Fluenting

   2. Which of the following sentences uses “fluently” correctly?

      a) He performed the song fluency.

      b) She answered the question fluently.

      c) The river flowed fluently.

      d) The student studied the textbook fluently.

Check your Answers below!

  1. b) Fluently
  2. b) She answered the question fluently.

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This was all about the Adverb Fluently, its meanings, and examples. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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