11+ Antonyms of Logical, with Meanings & Example

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Antonyms of Logical

The antonyms of the word “logical” are illogical, irrational, invalid and several more will be discussed below. The antonym of this word means when someone lacks sense or is not clear about their thoughts. Whereas, the word ‘logical’ means when someone is logical and is clear about their thoughts. To know more about the antonyms of logical and meaning, continue reading the blog article below.

Meaning of Logical

The word ‘logical’ is an adjective which is used to describe something that comes from clear reasoning. This word is rooted in the Greek word ‘logos’ which means reason.

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Antonyms of Logical

Here are some of the antonyms of ‘logical’ which can be used:

  • Irrational
  • Illogical
  • Unreasonable
  • Weak
  • Unsound
  • Incoherent
  • Invalid
  • Misleading
  • Unsound
  • Illegitimate
  • Sophistical
  • Instinctive
  • Unorganised

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Usage with Examples

Here are some examples of the above-mentioned antonyms:

  • The line of argument is unsound.
  • This advertisement is misleading
  • He spent the rest of his life as an invalid.
  • Don’t be so illogical, he said.

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Antonyms of Logical Quiz

Here is a quick exercise which will help you test your knowledge.

Fill in the blanks with the correct antonyms.

Question 1: His actions were completely ___ and defied all explanation. 

a) Predictable 

b) Reasonable 

c) Comprehensible 

d) Illogical

Question 2: The debate quickly descended into ___ shouting and insults. 

a) Controlled 

b) Orderly 

c) Logical 

d) Chaotic


  1. Chaotic
  2. Illogical

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This was all about the “antonyms of logical” with meaning and examples. Hopefully, you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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