What is the Adverb for Purpose: Meaning, Pictures & Examples

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Adverbs of Purpose: The word ‘purpose’ means something that is done or created or for something that already exists. By adding -ly to the end of the word purpose, it becomes ‘purposeful’ converting to an adverb. Common synonyms of ‘purpose’ are motive, intention, ground, cause, etc. To learn more about this adverb with synonyms and examples, continue reading this blog.

What is the Type of Adverb for Purpose?

The adverb ‘purpose’ or ‘purposeful’ refers to something that is set as an objective or an intention which needs to be attained by performing a specified action. The word ‘purpose’ comes under the Adverb of Reason/Purpose.

Here’s how this word can be included in sentences. 

  • Finding purpose in life gives meaning and direction to our existence.
  • Personal growth often involves introspection to discover one’s purpose and values.

9+ Synonyms of Adverb Purpose

Check out the list of synonyms for the word ‘purpose’ which can be used if you are looking to expand your English vocabulary. Here are all the words below which will help you use in sentences.

  • Motive
  • Intention
  • Grounds
  • Reason
  • Basis
  • Point
  • Aim
  • Objective
  • Plan
  • Aspire
  • Intent
  • Desire
  • Role
  • Impetus

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Picture for Adverb Purpose

Want to learn the synonyms of purpose? Well, you can download this picture and keep it for future reference. 

Adverb for Purpose

Examples of Purpose as Adverb

  1. Reflecting on one’s purpose can be a transformative journey that leads to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.
  2. Acts of kindness and generosity can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment in daily life.
  3. Many people find purpose and joy in contributing to the well-being of others through acts of service.
  4. Clarifying the purpose of a project ensures that resources are utilized efficiently and goals are achieved effectively.
  5. In any organization, a well-defined purpose serves as a guiding force that aligns the efforts of its members towards a common goal.

Adverb Quiz

Here’s a short quiz on adverb ‘purpose’ which will help you test your understanding.

  1. What does the word “purpose” generally refer to?
  1. Type of food
  2. A reason or goal
  3. A musical instrument
  4. A color

      2. How can one discover their purpose?

  1. By watching TV
  2. Through introspection and self-reflection
  3. By avoiding challenges
  4. By following trends on social media

       3. What does personal growth often involve in relation to purpose?

  1. Avoiding challenges
  1. Denying self-reflection
  2. Discovering one’s purpose and values
  3. Staying in the comfort zone


  1. B
  2. B
  3. C

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